[COMMUNITY MAIL, Feb-May 2015] - Welcome to the OSCEdays!

(Part of the Community Building Team for the OSCEdays15)

This is the Email i sent out to all new local organizers after they contacted us and we had met in a video call.

This is the last version. The version the first and bigger bunch of local organizers received did not mention the forum-part as the forum was not there from the beginning.

Hi >>>><<<<<,

nice to have you in!

I have created your subpage:

LOGIN: http://oscedays.org/wp-admin
NAME: Team >>>><<<<
PASS: >>>>>><<<<<<
(please change it soon)

There you can publish any information you need in order to engage and organize your local community - your motivations, questions, location, challenges or whatever. See the London https://oscedays.org/london/ or Helsinki https://oscedays.org/helsinki/ page for inspiration.

The wordpress has the plugin „Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes“ installed. It gives you several options to structure the page. Tutorial: : https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-bootstrap-shortcodes/

Please post only pictures you own and want to release under a creative commons license, or pictures that are under a creative commons license (only CC-BY or CC-BY-SA) with the proper attribution where necessary.

There is an >>>>>><<<<<< category created in the community forum, which we can use to collaborate internationally on challenges. You can use your category to post challenges and also to organize your event: http://community.oscedays.org/c/local-teams/>>>>>><<<<<<

Sign up on the top right of the page: http://community.oscedays.org/

(An example for transparent event organization is Berlin – we’ve published a READ ME http://community.oscedays.org/t/berlin-event-june-2015-read-me/113 for the event organization, we post our questions to the community, and create posts about upcoming team/planning events. You don’t have to do the same or use the forum for your event organization at all, this is optional! But it’s a useful approach to get input from across the OSCEdays network.)

+++IMPORTANT UPDATES+++ Today we have sent out a Mail to all the local organizers about upcoming COMMUNITY CALLS and CONTENT. Please read it here: [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 14, 2015] - Let’s start developing the Open Source Circular Economy Days

Please send over a Logo of your organisation and a link to its website so we can publish it on the OSCEdays website with our other local organizers.

(optional) If you think that your organisation and ideas might be a good thing to post about in the OSCEdays Blog, you can send over a short text about it and how everything relates, or fits in to the vision of an Open Source Circular Economy. + One or two pictures. Take a look in the blog what others have sent.

(Interesting fact: Only 2 people chose to do this!)

Graphics and other design resources for you to use are available on this page: http://oscedays.org/image-credits-slider/
If you need more, just ask.

If you use Twitter, please follow the @OSCEDays https://twitter.com/OSCEDays and send a tweet with the hashtag #OSCEdays mentioning that you are local organizers, so we can follow you back and coordinate some twitter activities later.

Ok, that’s it for now. We’ll keep in touch!

Sam, Lars & Tim (OSCEdays community management team)