Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi, I’m Niels, I’m 34 years old, coming from Halle and Berlin, working at the University of Halle-Wittenberg in Bus. Economics, especially Sustainable Management (Lehrstuhl BWL, insb. Betr. Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement). I’m doing my doctorate there, looking for possibilities to bring together Web 2.0 and Sustainable Development in enterprises. I read about the oscedays in a Journal called “Umwelt aktuell” and I really like the idea of what you’re doing. Thank you, see you soon, Niels


Hi I’m Mix. I’m from Enspiral in Wellington, New Zealand. I met Sam and Tim (and OSCEdays) through POC21. I make a living though open-source code, and am an ongoing contributor to projects like Loomio, Cobudget, and Hypermarkdown - all tools for opening and distributing core societal infrastructures.
I’ve got a background in Education, Mathematics. In my spare time I’m a sci-fi and gaming nerd.

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Welcome! over many meals and beers at POC21 @mixmix helped @unteem and I learn a whole lot about governance and collaboration on open source projects, and how things get done at Enspiral. Hopefully this is just the beginning and we’ll get much more POC/OSCE/Enspiral crossover over the next months!


Gien, I think you should mention that you’ve been part of the core group of the OSCEdays 2015. It’s great working with you.

Hi all, this is Patrick Anderson * I am Very excited to be here! =-D

I have been developing a business-model based on mapping the patterns of the GNU GPL into the physical realm.

See PropertyLeft - GNU GPL patterns for the material realm

Yes I have started building a site for our effort. Now I need to build an e-shop for our first trading. I want to develop a platform that people can use as a community distribution centre … Mass order and mass deliver in order to support our effort. My aim also is to provide income opportunities to the respective communities …
by creating a Physical Trading Place

Hi everyone,

my name is Stefano and I am the contact person for one of the 2016 newcomers, the city of Florence - Italy.
We are organizing the event together with the wonderful people of the FabLab Florence (website only in Italian - apologise) and hopefully with many more associations, research centers and enthusiast from the Region.
Looking forward for this exciting journey,



Bienvenuti/welcome Stefano and Florence team, we are happy to have you in our community.

Hi guys,

Nico to meet you all! My name is Sabine, I am part of the OSCE Rotterdam team. I am one of the founders of BlueCity in Rotterdam, where we will be hosting the OSCE 2016 edition. We’ll do this together with Better Future Factory and we’re now searching for more partners! All of this in our soon to get started, inhouse bio-lab/makerspace! Jihaa!

Looking forward to get started and hopefully meet you all one way or another!
Best of luck with the preparations!



Super Sabine - Great to hear about the projects involved. I’ve heard of them before and think the Better Future Factory were across in London last year at Resource :slight_smile: Will be great to learn more about your space - I know we had some biolab/ makespace involved last year from #local-teams:rennes that were setting up. Could be nice to connect too. Erica

Hi, Im Ricardo Rugeles from Colombia, i´m ecodesigner and is my second year in the team Bogotá, last year we work in the sustainability and access to food. this year we want to create new activities whit this core: “technology and identity for the creation of the city concept”. we are open to help and work together in the development of the OSCEDays 2016.


Hi, I’m Belinda Li from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am an environmental engineer and this is my first year being involved with OSCEdays. My work is in consulting (with a company called Tetra Tech) for governments, institutions, and businesses to plan and implement strategies to prevent waste and increase recycling. Most of my focus at work right now is on closing the food and organics loop, but I’m still trying to keep up with the circular economy as a whole for all types of materials and resources. I have created a small team to host our first local event and I am super excited to collaborate with all of you.


Hi everyone!

Nice to e-meet you :wink:

My name is Guadalupe. I work on sustainability since several years ago, lately focused on initiatives related to circular economy and entrepreneurship.

I am in the Spain team, willing to organise an OSCEDays event at Seville and looking forward to contribute and make grow this great initiative that you all are creating.

I join to @Silvia thinking to give special thanks to the fantastic core team and their job.

Keep in touch, all the best!



Hi, I’m Federico, from the OSCE Local Team of Villa Bartolomea.
Villa Bartolomea IT

I run a farm in the south countryside of Verona where we’re organizing our OSCE days to stimulate participation and discussions with a rural perspective.

I’ve co-founded Geoponika, an association started from a reforestation project and evolved into a group volunteering community focused around rural projects. We want to share and help develop this model as many of the farming best practices we’re learning around seeds, regenerative agriculture, natural beekiping, water treathment, biochar production and uses, bio architecture and materials (straw, hemp, clay, etc…) and farming OS applications.


I’m looking forward to learn and share from this community !


Hi everyone!

I am Pedro Urra from Cuba and I became connected with this community through my son that is studying his MD in industrial design in TU Delft. He is connected with the Circular Economy vision and he is also working to move this theme in our country.

I worked in the creation and development of a national health information network named Infomed for more that 20 years. The open source paradigm was crucial to the building of the network. I work now as professor in Havana University and I want to dedicate my time and efforts to promote the principles of Open Source and Circular Economy in my country.

We are organizing a workshop that by coincidence (or not) is very close to the principles and motivations of OSCE. We named it Open Technologies for Life(OT4L) . I met recently Sharon Prendeville in TU Delft and she shared the goals and information about this project. She also invite us to became part of the event.

We will try to connect our workshop with the Global OSCE Days and work to connect our efforts with this global initiative.

Cuba is a very special place to promote and to work with the principles of open circular economy. There is a lot of work to do but there is also much work done and many opportunities.


Hi Pedro,

Great to see you and the Cuba team joining our community. Bienvenido!

I would like to put you in touch with two French circular economy enthusiasts who will be in Havana starting May 10th and are looking for circular economy local initiatives, such as sustainable agriculture, recycling, etc. They are support our OSCEdays and I would like us to help them. You can see their world tour here

Please send me your contact information. If you have other contacts to share, please do.

Thank you/Gracias, Silvia

@sharmarval please try to get the message to Pedro, through his son. I don’t think Pedro received the message I sent last week and I would like to make the connection with circul-r. Thank you.

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Sorry for the slow reply. I will send @urra an email but I’m not sure he will get it in time.

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Hi I’m Dax,

I’m interested in Permacultre, zero-waste, mycology and all the other as of yet unbuzz-worded things that you all seem to be interested in as well :slight_smile:

I’ll participate in the Berlin OSCE days in mycology, possibly in the aquaponics challange and another that I hope to introduce after I write this about making a pedal-powered plant mulcher for the community garden I belong to.


Hello I’m Kasper,

My background is mainly visual art, art activism and hacktivism - I want to create projects that engage the public in issues such as ecology, open source, free networks, virtual space, environmentalism etc. My art is political, since everything is political.

I will be participating in OSCE Days in Berlin 10.-13. June and hopefully participating in a residency in Berlin later in 2017, where I will be working on a free network-project, called Infinity Sign.

I can’t wait to work with the people at OSCE Days on our project “Raw Materials” - which I have created a challenge for here :