[GR16] [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 23, 2016] – Global Reporting & GUIDE For Local Reporters

META: This topic is part of the global live-streamed video reporting of OSCEdays June 2016 and the global documentation.


  1. INFO MAIL(s) to Local Organizers


Meta: COMMUNITY MAIL – sent to all local organizers on May 23, 2016, by @Lars2i


###Global live-video connections OSCEdays 2016 and Your Local Event Reporter




READ THIS IN the OSCEdays Community Forum: [GR16] [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 23, 2016] – Global Reporting & GUIDE For Local Reporters

Hi local event organizers in OSCEdays 2016 :-),

The event(s) get closer and like last year there will be video connections between the different events – to see faces, hear voices and learn what you are working on.

It will be done via publicly streamed video hangouts every 12 hours (always 1am and 1pm UTC) at all days of the event. So all events have the chance to plug in.

How will it work from your side? You will need to find and announce a LOCAL REPORTER from your community.

This can be a single person but also a team of people. They will be responsible to connect your event to the video stream and present it there also. And also to collect and share some basic data about it. It is good to find someone that can speak some English and knows a bit about your event and what is going on there – or is willing to find out before the call starts.

Please forward this email to your local reporter and make them read the GUIDE For Local Reporters: [GR16] [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 23, 2016] – Global Reporting & GUIDE For Local Reporters (Scroll Down)

Great! Thanks. That is it for today.

Please don’t forget to add infos to your subpage (most people already did) and even more important to share your questions and local challenges in the global community forum: http://community.oscedays.org

[add copy of the guide for local reporters to mail]

##2 INFO MAIL 2 - Reminder Mail

Meta: Sent out on May 30 by @Lar2i (trying to exclude the ones that already connected a local reporter)


###Reminder: Don’t forget to connect your OSCEdays event via video and announce a local reporter



READ THIS IN the OSCEdays Community Forum: [GR16] [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 23, 2016] – Global Reporting & GUIDE For Local Reporters


The OSCEdays come closer … yay! And some of you have already a local reporter that raised their hands. But some of you are still missing.

Remember – your local reporter will connect your event to all the others and present it in video hangouts. You’ll need to find a person to take care of that – that is your local reporter :-).

Forward them this email or send them the GUIDE For Local Reporters as a start: [GR16] [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 23, 2016] – Global Reporting & GUIDE For Local Reporters

Thanks and see you soon in the video hangouts and read about your questions and challenges in the community forum: http://community.oscedays.org

[add copy of the guide for local reporters]


Hi. It’s fantastic that you are the local OSCEdays reporter for your event. The job is pretty easy – and hopefully fun. You are going to meet other people from the community and other events in video chats, present your event to them and also gather a few numbers about your local OSCEdays event.

Here is a short step by step tutorial what to do to be a local reporter.

##1 Sign Up For The Job :slight_smile:

Let us know that you are the local reporter for the event in your city. Sign up to the forum (if you haven’t already) and post a comment here in this thread that you will be the reporter.

Let us also know which call(s) you plan to attend as local reporter. You can find a complete schedule of all the calls here in the global video streaming program.

Hypothetical example

Hi, I am Joanna. And I will be the local reporter for our event in Metropolis (Atlantis).

I will join the hangout call on FRIDAY 1 am UTC. I am really looking forward to meet some of the others organizers and share a few things about our event. :ghost:

##2 The Reporting Document

Please download the reporting document and answer the 5 basic questions in it and upload the document afterwards here in the thread (just drag and drop it into a comment). This information will help the global association behind the OSCEdays to find out impact and to get stronger partners to be able to make more possible for the local events and community in the future.


Survey OSCEdays June 2016.docx (50.9 KB)

(To open and to edit the document you can use the Open Source Software Libre Office

If you don’t like to download the document you can just copy the text in the grey box to your comment and add the relevant info:

####(1) Who

1.1 Your Name

1.2 Location (City/Village) *

####(2) Visitors
2.1 How many days did you organize the OSCEdays?

2.2 How many visitors did you have on each day? *

###(3) Content

3.1 What activities/projects did you work on?

3.2 What are the Open Source aspects of these activities? *

3.3 What are the Circular Economy aspects of these activities? *

###(4) Network, local

4.1 How many stakeholders/organizations were involved in your events? *

4.2 Can you provide us with a name, link & short description of the stakeholders/ organizations? (e.a. local firms, local, regional or national government)

4.3 What where their roles in the event?

###(5) Network, global
Have you connected with other cities participating in the OSCEdays in the run up to the event?

5.1 How did you connect (medium)?

5.2 What did you exchange (content)?

Have you connected with other cities participating in the OSCEdays during the event (excluding the global reporting team or Board of Stewardship)?

5.3 How did you connect (medium)?

5.4 What did you exchange (content)?

##3 Connect Yourself And Your Community To A VIDEO Hangout

Joining the video streams has a tech side and a non-tech side. Here is information for both.

###Step 1: TECH

To join the global video hangouts you need to make sure that you have:

(1) A stable WiFi connection,

(2) Google Hangouts installed on your device.

###Step 2: JOIN THE CALL
Pick a day and time of a call you want to join and post it below in the comments – as said above in point 1.

30 minutes before the call the host of the call will post two links in the comments of the program – one TO JOIN and another one TO WATCH. You have to click on the one TO JOIN. It would be great if you plug in to the call already 5 to 10 minutes before it starts - punctuality is nice.


There are several ways to talk about your event. If you have good WiFi Connection at your whole venue it might be great to show us around like Jason tried last year (sadly with breaking connection)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KQvS52yo_A (Helsinki 2)

In Berlin, London and Bergen it was done in a similar way – but with stable connection.

But instead of walking around you can sit also in a room with stable WiFi and talk about what is going on like Mireia did last year:

You can sit there alone or invite others to be there with you – show the community – like Arvind did las year:

It is great to present the event while it is happening. But you can also present it before it starts and share what you are planning or one or two days after it happened like Silvia did last year:


If you are curious what kind of questions the host will ask, you can study the TUTORIAL For Global Hosts – This tutorial is also an invitation for you to join the team of hosts. If you also want to join other calls and interview other events – you are very welcome!

#4 Upload the Document

Just a reminder to not forget to upload the reporting document after the event (see Headline 2 above). You can complete the task already while the event is happening and be done with it. But also afterwards.


Thanks for playing and looking forward to see you :slight_smile:

To add: 5 Reminder Email after the event if there are no documents coming.

Hi, I’m Ivo Salters and I will be the local reporter for the event in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

We will join the hangout call on FRIDAY 1 am UTC. During the event we will give several inspirational lectures how to design for a circular economy. At the end of the day the design students that participate in the Circular Design Challenge will do a tear-down session with different consumer products to see how these can be redesign to fit a circular economy. More information can be found at


I’m Noemi Salantiu, local reporter for the event in Sibiu (Romania).
I’d like to hangout during our actual event instead of before, so hopefully and with due connectivity available I will be online on FRIDAY 1 PM UTC.

See you soon!

@IvoSalters it would be of great help if you let us know key milestones in the Dutch story of success that is constantly taking over social media :slight_smile: Some participants in our event are asking just this, maybe you can pop in and say hello? See Challenge 2 here.. I see oscedays as a great opportunity for learning between cities.

The latest I’ve heard being this: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3060167/this-new-neighborhood-will-grow-its-own-food-power-itself-and-handle-its-own-waste/1


Hi, I am Lisa and I will be the local reporter for the event in Cambridge.
I will join the hangout call on Saturday 1:00 PM (13:00) UTC. Looking forwards to meeting you all soon.


Hi Noemi!

Interesting challenges you have in Sibiu (Romania) and for the first challenge I was wondering if the business model archetypes of Products that Last are contributing to open source initiatives. Especially when companies are moving from selling products to selling services it might leave less space for an open system. On the other hand a self-service model in which you just pay per usage or hour could be very interesting…

@NoemiSalantiu are you referring to the CIRCO project and the workshops we organise for companies how to take the first steps towards a circular economy? It’s still in a early stage to see the impact and results that companies have, so that might be more difficult to share. During the event Pieter van Os, the initiator of the Circular Design Cases, will share the lessons learned based on the work of the students. Last year several students took a consumer to redesign such as a wireless speaker, refrigerator and other products, see: http://circulardesigncases.nl/circular-cases/. Maybe this give you further inspiration.

Thank you for sharing the article, it looks quite similar to another Dutch project that will focus on zero waste which will be in using during the Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven see: http://www.ddw.nl/en/article/overtreders-w-art-directors-klokgebouw-2016

Good luck with the challenges!


My name is Anastasia, I am going to be a local reporter from the team of Yangxin, China. I will join the call on Monday 1 am UTC. We can’t make an online connection during our event on Saturday, so we can tell about the results of our school event.

See you soon!


I am Sascha Diedler and I will be the local reporter for our event in Hamburg (Germany). If the connection is available, I plan to join the hangout call on MONDAY (13th of June) 1 pm UTC. Besides some general information about our event, our students will present their innovative approaches in terms of the circular economy. I am really looking forward to meet other organizers and share a few things about our event.
Kind regards


Stefano from Florence here.
I will join the hangout call on Saturday, 11 June at 1pm UTC. We will be about to start our event at that time!


Thank you @IvoSalters, especially for the students’ ideas. I don;t understand Dutch, and so I mostly caught the idea of a circular toothpaste cap. genious :slight_smile: Will use your references in our event…
Good luck!


Hi I am Silvia, the local organizer for Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Our reporter is Keenan Rhodes, the maker space coordinator at the KHEPRW Institute. We will connect on June 13th at 1 pm UTC, 9 am EDT, at the same time our physical event starts.

Our event is part of an eSTEAM camp for students aged 9 to 15: https://oscedays.org/indianapolis-2016/. We will introduce them to the concept of OSCE with special focus on 3D printing and bio-based filaments.

See you all online soon. Good luck with last minute preparations and let’s have super cool OSCEdays 2016 all over the world.



Hi, I’m Greg, the local organizer for Denver, Colorado, USA. I’ll be the local reporter. We will join the call on Friday, June 10th at 1:00am UTC.


Hi!! Olá!!

I’m Lucas Neno, local reporter for the event in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

This is Brazil’s first time in the OSCE Days and we are very excited about hanging out with all of you!! I’d like to hangout during our event on SATURDAY 1 PM UTC. See you soon!!


Hi Noemi,

sorry it’s a pity most video’s are in Dutch, but you can click on the name to see the blog posts of the students how they created their concepts (the blogs are written in English). Otherwise you can read the summary of the results of last year here: http://www.circulardesignchallenge.nl/en/nieuws/nominaties-circular-design-challenge-2015/

Thank you for sharing the results and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Please don’t forget to refer to the student who designed the concept.

Have fun!

Best, Ivo

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Hello. My name is Nicolette and I’m the local reporter for OSCEdays Chicago in the US. We will join the call at 5PM Central time on Monday June 13th. We will be hosting a brainstorming session about waste activism in fast fashion.


Hi everyone. This is Helga from the Lausanne (Switzerland) team. Since we have a shortage of affordable housing here in the region (one of the fastest growing regions of Switzerland) we’re looking into how CE and open source principles can contribute to sustainable, affordable, and quality housing.
I’ll be our local reporter and plan to join on Saturday 11 1pm UTC – our afternoon session will be in full swing though and since we’re only two organizers I may not be able to step out. If that’s the case I’ll report back in the Sunday session.
Warm regards and good luck to those of you starting on Thursday



my name is Andreja and I will be local reporter for Maribor.
I will join the report about our event on FRIDAY 1 pm UTC!

Briefly said we’ll be discussing options about making social inovations open source and get overwiev about local social inovations.


@WoonTan will be the local host for the London event on Friday 10th at 1pm UTC


My name is Matthieu, and I will be the local reporter for Roanne, France.
I will join the report on friday 1PM UTC, and hopefully on saturday 1PM too.


Hello everyone I’m Nataly Guataquira, local reporter for the event in Turin Italy, saturday 11 and sunday 12 from 4pm to 6pm both days local time. We will join the hangout 11 June and 12 June at 1pm UTC.


hi, Im Ricardo Rugeles and i will be the Local reporter of Bogota (Colombia)

We (Bogota Team) will Join the hangout 11 june 1pm UTC

Bogota Local Report OSCEDAYS 2016.docx (21.6 KB)