[GR16] [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 23, 2016] – Global Reporting & GUIDE For Local Reporters


Hi I’m Lilli Linkola, I will report from the Helsinki event together with Cindy Kohtala. Will be on the hangout on saturday 11th at 11am UTC (14pm EEST).
Check out our program at oscedays.org/helsinki-2016 :slight_smile:


Hi OSCE community,
I’m Woon from from the London event. I will be reporting from London.
Will report on Friday 10th 1pm UTC.




I’m An Ha Khanh and I am going to be the local reporter for our event in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam).

I’d like to have hangout call on Sunday 12 Jun 1AM UTC.

Look forward to seeing you all!

Here is a brief of our event:



Hi, I am Valentina. I will be the local reporter for our event in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).
I will join the call on MONDAY 1 pm UTC. Can’t wait to connect with the other organizers! See you soon!!


Hi OSCE people!

Hope everyone’s recovered from all the OSCE fun. Here’s our report from London.



Survey OSCEdays June 2016.docx (67.1 KB)


Thanks all the team of OSCE days for the great event!
Wish you a lot of further new events and inspiration!
Look forward to join next activities and events.
we’ll be keep in touch :slight_smile:
Hi from Yangxin, China.

Have a beautiful day!

Survey OSCEdays June 2016.doc (56 KB)


Survey OSCEdays June 2016 - Indianapolis.docx (53.6 KB)

Thank you all for an exceptional season of OSCEdays, on to the next great projects of our great, inspiring and talented global community. Keep up the good OSCE work!

Take care, Silvia