[CHALLENGE] Distributed hackathon: mapping the resources of an OSCE

Where to find the resources needed to start an open source circular economy?

TransforMap is a collective of individuals and organizations that have set themselves the goal of enabling the decentralized mapping of places as well as resources that form the building block of a commons transition. Because a lot of the nuts and bolts an open source circular economy need are already there, we need to put them on a map.

To do that, we want to enable the interoperability of maps so that this mapping can happen in a completely decentralized way in order to scale and remain up-to-date.
To do that we start by reaching out to all mappers:

  • those who are hard-core mappers and able to hack existing technologies, but also write new code
  • those who have been mapping localities (e.g. http://sharingberlin.de, communities of practices (e.g. map of hackspaces)
  • those who intend to create maps of actors and resources

We invite them to get to know each other and work together on a forum not to reinvent the wheel each in their corner, and contribute to a commons of data about resources (starting with places and initiatives) that are out there.

A physical meeting will happen throughout the OSCE Days in Berlin at Agora (dates TBD).


Well, if we comprehend with


of course this Berlin entry could stay, but we should still extract the distributed aspect to an outside of the cities category.

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Dear @alabaeye, dear @qubit1729,
I think it would be great if you two worked together. Our event will start tomorrow. Shall we do a google hangout between your two projects? Tell me if I can help in any way!

Challenge in Vienna: [CHALLENGE] Conceptual Hackathon: How to improve and accelerate open source development

All the best!

Do we have confirmed access to the Agora premises now? When?


It would be great to work together !
We are also interested in mapping possibilities but more the conceptual ones.
http://metamaps.cc/ looks good but is still in beta and seems to be buggy.
Any ideas how to push it to a stable Version ?
regards, Leopold OLL

Might part of this include pulling out a specific list of types of resources that relate to the circular economy?

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We have a google hangout open until 2:30 pm today:

Let’s discuss :smile:

Okay, so this idea was based upon our reflection from Launching 15MMM and we even had a call according to this.

a broad overview is framed by

but more detailed contexts are delivered by

OuiShare Fest 2014 perspective

CollabCamp perspective

Linkification to the full res images and more detail from our call on Saturday will follow soonish.
You may also want to have a look at the discussions at http://meta.allmende.io.


In talking to @qubit1729 during

until ~ 3pm, we’ve roughly discussed the following topics:

  • Distributed architectures for publication and reception of offers and requests.
  • Diverse FLOSS approaches to sustain distributed process dynamics by documentation and tangibility.
  • Overlapping interests regarding TransforMap and its mappings, not only the geographical ones, but also conceptual, thematic and relational representations of collective activity.
    Think of a timemapped interface like Digital Social Innovation + Linked Profiles for distributedly maintained Communities, Events and Projects + unMonastery’s process map in a dynamic, fluid view.
  • Also community-supported infrastructures tend to become a term now.

If list of types of resources is to be understood as resources needed for circular economic activity, these then include material as well as intangible resources, but yes, they should not be left out of the action to express needs in preparation of any due collective act.