[BoST Call, Oct 31, 11 am GMT] - 2016/2017 BoST - General call #3

Meeting on Skype (Google hangout as back-up, link will be posted here).

Please confirm your participation @BoST @Frans

Moderator: _____
Scribe: _________


##1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?

Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.


In the call:

@nicustasia – Stasia started to sign up for roles on the BoST to do list. She thinks about a local event in their city in china during DIF.

@gien (Moderator) – Has to move out of his house. So he wants now to set up a geodetic ecohome in just three months! Busy schedule. Ambitious. Seigo will be in in cape town in the coming months having a look at Giens house. Seigo suggested Gien should look into the laws in South Africa as a friend of Seigo tried to set up an off grid home in South Africa and found out he wasn’t legally allowed to do this.

@seigorobinson – Got good news about future projects he wants to do! In Cambridge is happening a lot right now. For the DIF he thinks about creating an ACTION on how to map/list circular organizations in a city.

@Frans – busy with DIF communication.

@RicardoRug – (first time. He is a teacher based in Bogota and was setting up OSCEdas Bogota in 2015 & 2016)

@Lars2i (Scribe) – Busy with DIF and some funding applications.

##2 DIF Collaboration

Updates from Lars & @Frans


ok. looks good. @Frans will add later today the missing document about organizations. Please add organizations you know we should reach out to. If you have close contact to them send them a personal email yourself

DIF Opening Stream With @Bost Members!

We will have for each phase of the Lab an opening video streaming. The dates are published in the DIF program. First streaming is on November 7 - 20:00 GMT. At least 3 @BoST members should join each streaming. We will explain a bit the OSCEdays and the Lab. Stasia, Gien and Lars signed up to be on the opening call. But for Stasia it is in the middle of the night. Would be cool if someone else from BoST would join as well. We plan the Streaming in this this topic. Join us!

##3 BoST To Do List

Let’s have another look at the BoST to do list and discuss, if and how we want to use it.

ok. Looks good and reasonable. Let’s go with it. Seigo has already taken the role of the facebook group moderator. There is a topic. @gien and @nicustasia are in the process of taking roles and structuring them.

@RicardoRug thinks about adding a little project about: “What is OSCEdays” - to improve what the project communicates to the outside world and is. He will take on the leading role in this project.

##4 Adjust BoST Call Times?
After daylight savings – should we adjust BoST call times to the same times we had during last winter? 10 GMT & 20:00 GMT

No changes. Let’s stick with 11 am GMT & 7 pm GMT. But please everyone in a country with daylight-savings acknowledge that the calls will be one hour earlier in your local time from now on.

##5 Please add
. . .


I may join late, but I’ll try to get there in time.

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did anyone look into other options to get around the technical issues we had last time with maximum number of people to join the call? Any more ideas on which plaform we could use? just so we donÄt start downloading things during the meet-up again…

Hi @Lars2i, if you can, please manage tomorrow’s call, I am not sure I can join.

Hi Maike, Skype is the default platform, it works well if everybody has a good connection.

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@Silvia – yes, will do.

@BoST – For those of us with daylight savings - GMT is not changing! So this means our time starts an hour earlier in your local time. http://time.is/de/GMT

Hi guys, sorry I can’t join today. I have student tutorials.

My internet is being intermittent at the moment, will try to join but may drop out.

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Hi all, I wonder if my connection will work today as I’m on the go and preparing to travel. See you

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HI all, I’me afraid I won’t be able to make it as will be / am in a meeting -will catch-up on line and focus on supporting Dif / open labs promo. E

Sorry people, I was stuck at the doctor’s all morning (almost 3 hours waiting, that’s a record with them so far)
I will be in hospital either from the 3. or the 10. for about a week (no internet) but I’ll try to get things going so they can move on without me.

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Documentation is posted above in the main Agenda in grey boxes.

Please add/correct what I forgot

Get well soon, take care, Silvia

Please, get well soon and take good care
We will be waiting for you here