[BoST Call December 4, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #29

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

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1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.
Reminder of roles and tasks: To Do List

2 Actions

  • Qing and Lars and Frans will come up with a first draft for the associations statutes and share it with BoST to discuss it - Lars is working on it and will have an update before next call

  • Lars will reach out via Email to all BoST members to determine who is still part of it - will be done before next call.

  • Will include a note about Evienta’s collaboration with OSCEdays in the upcoming newsletter - Gien DONE

  • Update and send newsletter before end of 2017 - Draft

  • NEW Should we switch to monthly calls in 2018?

  • NEW Update roles and to-do-list in January 2018

3 Strategic Framework update

Session scheduled for Wednesday Nov 29, only Seigo and Silvia joined the agreed upon call. Seigo will choose another date voted in the poll.

Need to agree what is the minimum quorum for this and other BoST activities.

4 Global Projects

Keep on the agenda, as we expect to focus on a few global projects as soon as the strategic framework is finished and the association is registered - Silvia

We need to find a place to have all discussion in one place. Sharon suggest this topic: City / Project matrix / Silvia will have a look at it.

Silvia’s answer: prefer to have all projects under Activities, as I see them as the most important part of our work, unless our Strategy decisions change that. Until the new forum is in place, I suggest as name for any project: [PROJECT] Name of project identical with the one in Google doc. It should be entered under its respective activity, again identical with the one used in Google doc.
E.g. [PROJECT] The Guide to Open Source Circular Economy under Educate & Connect

Hack the Global Water Crisis - to be added in the upcoming newsletter - Gien

5 Other

  • New global date for 2018?
  • Do we want to set a topic?
  • Add a chat (like Slack or Whats-App) channel to the global event?

Hello, BoST team

I may not join the BoST calls unfortunately.

I agree with the updating roles and to-do-list for the next year.
Even I’ m still interesting to learn in tasks that I took, at the moment I should puzzle a clear plan on what concrete actions I can do.
So I may start from small tasks in to-do-list and I 'm still in.

Have a good day,



In the call: @Silvia @seigorobinson @Qing @Nikusha @Lars2i

###How is everybody?

  • Lars2i has great news. :baby: And a little less great news. :clock:
  • Qing makes progress with OSCEdays future
  • Nikusha is in for 2018 with time to develop OSCEdays
  • Silvia is spreading OSCEdays through workshops and lectures
  • Seigo has meetings with Social Circular Economy maybe creating opportunities for OSCEdays too.

###2 Actions

  • Qing is presenting 2 options for legal forms for OSCEdays. (1) A charitable association or (2) a u.UG which is basically a Ltd. / She described the pros and cons of both forms and said, the Ltd. would be the better option in terms of funding opportunities. Qing, Lars & probably also Nikusha will meet in Berlin on Saturday to pre-discuss the options and come back to the rest of BoST with a simplification of the options.

  • Lars will email BoST members to ask for participation and invite them to the final strategy call this friday. Also to share the dates for the BoST calls for the coming 6 months. We decided to keep the 2 week call schedule. [Done]

  • Newsletter. Sharon will do it. If she can’t Silvia will pick it up. Once it’s done Lars will polish a bit on top and help Silvia to send it out.

###3 Strategic Framework Update

###4 Global projects

  • See agenda

###5 Other

  • We decided to run a global campaign for a global event again and picked new dates. The 2018 dates will be June 1 - June 11. So we extended the days. it is now two weekends and a full week in between.

##OSCEdays 2018: June 1.-11. :blush:

  • We discussed to set a topic for the global event. „The Circular City“ was an option that was liked by most. But we did not come to a decision here. Let’s pick up the discussion on a later date.

  • Should we add a Chat-Channel? It might be good for more - and also mobile - engagement. But we need to pick something that is open source. Telegram might be an option. But it is not spread that well and most ppl. will not install a new App. WhatsApp is well spread and it would be easy to get people into that channel. Also it is owned by Facebook and Silvia said we should not use anything that is owned by them and most agreed! We did not make a decision here. Let’s bring the question up again later.