[WORKSHOP] Open Source Documentation

DOCUMENTATION: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/Open_Source_Documentation

I can volunteer to do a 30-min open source documentation workshop directly after the morning assembly on both Saturday and Sunday.

The idea is to briefly introduce the why, how and for whom of open source documentation, introduce the techniques and templates that we decide on, provide people with tools, answer questions, allay fears, and basically remind and encourage people to document.

It is also a chance to introduce the people at the event who are knowledgeable about this topic and willing to help, so that people can ask questions at any stage later in the day.

See the Berlin Documentation Team discussion for more

Core Resources for the workshop:

Workshop on Saturday - Participants: Jan, Aline, Isabelle, Dax, Christian, Niels, Michael. Their contacts are here.

Please upload photos/scans of your notes to this cloud folder!
You’ll find the audio recording of the workshop there, I will be transcribing and producing notes this week,


Great! Are there any resources to share upfront? Maybe we could place this topic into the “Questions & Challenges” category if there were anything also to share online other locations could learn from. Or is it just you explaining the people documentation?

I think this is a really great idea, thanks!

It will depend a little on who turns up - I’ll give a general introduction and use a few examples, and then, for example, walk any hardware projects through the process of using WikiFab,

Next week I will write a topic in the general ‘Questions & Challenges’ category with a basic introduction to different forms of documentation, their pros and cons, and some tips. This workshop will be a more detailed version of that post, customized to the needs of the attendants.

Thanks for taking part this morning, everybody!
@huelfe @Jan_D @dax If you have any notes, thoughts or links to relevant resources that you would like to share, you can add them here or in the pad, and if you took manual notes, it would be great if you could upload a photo or scan! (button near top left)

@cameralibre, thanks for hosting! A few things I took away from this chat:

  • the ‘mug shot’ idea where everyone has a picture with their name and emai so contact data is not lost
  • image tags in instructions (#beginner, #intermediate, etc), so users can select a level of data that they want to interact with. After thinking about it, this could also be useful for filtering the preferred mode of information (something else we discussed this morning), e.g. images with summaries, only video, only text, etc.
  • taking five minutes before a standup to record what you would say is a free way to have daily changelogs of your team
  • github is not so easy to explain :confused:

I’ll try to join again tomorrow morning!

Thanks, it was great to have you there!
For those who weren’t there, here’s an example of the ‘mugshot’ idea

(it allows you to put a face to a name, and vice-versa, and gives you some kind of contact details to follow up)

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