META: This is the media and communications team for the OSCEdays June 2016 in Berlin. This post is a wiki. Feel free to edit.

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E-MAIL*: There is an email account for OSCEdays Berlin.

FACEBOOK Berlin group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1683431278547278
FACEBOOK Berlin Textile group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1008852015862256
FACEBOOK Berlin Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1733371270238971/

YOUTUBE Berlin*: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmxxxKoaARrxYbMgS0cXTbg

TWITTER Global: https://twitter.com/oscedays Use #Berlin for city reference.

INSTAGRAM*: oscedays_berlin

*To get access to the login data of any of these, get in contact with @JuliaP: http://community.oscedays.org/t/berlin-email-address-oscedays-berlin-gmx-de/4870)

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Hi all!
Yesterday it was founded the Communication Team for the Circular Textile Challenge Berlin consisting of @JuliaP @Natacha and Mayya! Are there any people working in the general communication for the Berlin event already? Someone happy to join?

@Lars2i @cameralibre Would it be possible to create mail accounts from oscedays.org?

Thanks! Ina

Hi @Ina,

sounds great!

Nope, there is not email@oscedays.org - yet. We are working on it. But it is not on the top of the to-do-list right now. So I would not count on it.

But @Anna_Perrottet created an email account for OSCEdays Berlin press releases last year. Maybe you could use that?

Thank you Lars!
@JuliaP please contact Anna to get access.

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Hi communications team. I wrote a call that fits to send out to universities to get some students. Maybe it helps a bit with your tasks.

It is here (2nd comment from top)

@JuliaP +

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Hello, do youhave any contacts to good ( cheap and ecological) printing
places for some flyers for the textile Challenge? Thank you,


No sure how cheap they are. But “Oktoberdruck” is definitely good - ecologically and socially.

Thank you. I will check

Hello Everyone. For the Communication Team we need
a graphic deisgenr or some one who could take care of designing flyers
for the event.

Thank you

we need someone who could manage to do

  1. Flyers to promote OSCE days and Textiel Challenge
    (to be used on the 4th at Re:publica and on the 7th at Prinzessengarten)
    To find a way to make as many flyers as we can using as little amount of
    paper as possible (approx 200 flyers) while making it attractive / less
    chances people would throw it (maybe use nice paper, have it as a
    square? > like a real invitation card)
    What needs to be on it: OSCEdays logos + Circular textile logos ( all in Drive folder)
    Sustainabel printers Oktoberdruck and PinguinDruck, both in Berlin. We started for price offer.

  2. Create for the vent in June
    Map / brochure at the entrance: next week we should get a proper schedule
    and organised map of who will be where at what time + concept,
    quantity, price needs to be discussed
    Can we do posters?

Thank you

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ok. I’ll ask @OTTILIE - But you could also post the call for a designer in the OSCEdays Berlin Facebook Group

we’ll do some osce posters and design+print them. but not until 4th (next week), rather mid may.

Task 1) Natacha posted is being solved now. Still looking someone to join us in Task 2).

##Community Breakfast for Journalists on May 25

If you have press requests. Invite them to the community breakfast on May 25

Hi, if you have anything you want to be added to the website, let me know here:

@Mayya - could you please upload the files for the flyer you made. If the file is small, you can upload it her (drag and drop it into a comment). Or just share it in the Berlin Cloud.

@Lars2i I do not have permission to upload on the cloud… Not sure why. I send you an email now. The flyer needs to be set up and tiled by the printing to have as many on an A3.

Ah, ok. Don’t know why you can’t upload it to the cloud. Maybe @cameralibre finds some time to look into it. Meanwhile, maybe you can upload it somewhere else and share the download link here for everyone?