[TASK ] Planning 2015 - The Event Challenge days

For the primary event in London from the 12th to 14th of June we’ve already made a start on the foundations, but there is a lot more that we’d like to openly develop and share detailing.

Alongside this, we welcome complementary or supporting initiatives - both London based and around the UK that we can highlight, support, link with, as well as share the outcomes.


Why? What? Challenge design workshop agenda development and challenge content and logistics

Headline Challenges

  1. Circular Maker places
  2. Trust is not a Waste
  3. Open Energy Life Cycles
  4. Things Designed for a Wearable life

OSCE Days 2015

Outline activities and agenda of the Open Source Circular Economy Days in London - finalised details will be updated on EVENT

10th June - Wednesday

Open Launch of OSCEdays 7pm UTC

Send-out overview for participants

11th June - Thursday

***Location:***: Global video linking online with Nijmegen
Time: 7pm to 9pm?
1st Video released
Live Hangouts from Johannesburg feed
Small challenge set and feedback to Nijmegen @TechnicalNature

12th June - Friday

Location: Fab Lab London
Time: 6:30 for 7pm start
Close: 21:30

Evening - Kick-off Talks and Challenge intro at Fab Lab London
2nd Video released
Choosing challenges
Drinks and team building

13th June - Saturday

Location: Fab Lab London
Time: 9:15 for 9:30 start
Close: 19:30

All day - Challenge event workshop
9:45 - 3rd Video released & quick discussion
10 am Start
Team development

  • Pop-in workshops - LCA, Chris & Using the Web to Change the World, Jack Townsend insight

Out for Lunch

14th June - Sunday

Location: Fab Lab London

All day - Challenge workshop - presenting and documenting
9:45 - 4th Video released & quick discussion
10 am Start


  • Preparation for presenting
  • Planning documentation, uploads and thoughts on initial next steps
  • Presenting of solutions, ideas, open development

18:30 Close, tidy and to the pub!

15th June - Monday

Location ??? Somewhere nice for a relaxed working brunch?
Time: 11:30?

5th Video released & quick discussion
Review, identifying the next steps and global closing
Celebrate and sleep


Where? When? Who? How? Venues, resources, helpers, teas, coffees, biscuits, beers and more


  • Fab Lab London


  • 12th to 14th of June


  • Materials - cardboard, pens, paper, glue, tape,
  • Camera/ video recorder
  • Insurance

Food & Drinks - Circular Economy related ideas

  • Morning Snacks: Morning pastries
  • Nibbles - fruit jerky Snact, Chutney Rubies in the Rubble,
  • Drinks: Teas, Coffees, Milk, Water Jugs (check on mugs, glasses, participants can also bring their own)

Sustainability / Circular Policy
As this event is all about open source circular economy it is also important to embed this in the choices we make in materials, resources, suppliers, transport - as well as how we reduce, reuse, recycle items or waste that may be created… Ideas please!! Here’s some examples

This is a wiki so you will be able to edit the content using the tool below - just mention briefly in reply below what you added

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Woo - hear you loud and clear :slight_smile: Can join in the idea generation for 2016 here