[TAKS] Newsletter and contact list

Following our last call and first meeting with provisional board of stewardship, we discussed on the need of a newsletter and contact list.

While the forum can be used as a mailing list - you can for instance follow the Business Model Channel and receive mail each time a topic is created - this newsletter would be addressed mostly to people that are not necessarily registered on the forum and that still want to follow the latest news and information. It could also be used to communicate on major news such as a call for cities and reach a broader audience than the one on the forum.

Obviously MailChimp came as one of the most interesting option if we don’t take into account that it is based on proprietary software and that you don’t own your data. Not really in lines with our values. One option that is being tested for now is a plugin on Wordpress, MailPoet. Nevertheless, this plugin is very basic and does not seem to be open source neither. Plus in the long-term we might shift from Wordpress. Anyway it is not be the best solution to have tools that are completely interdependent.

So my question: Do you know some open source tools?

From what I have found so far most of the open source tools available are more targeted to mailing list and very oldschool. But phpLlist seems to be a nice alternative.

I had a look at it a while ago and I have to say the user experience is a bit… but it seems that they made huge progress. Anyone has experience with it? I will give it go in the next couple of weeks.

Just one I finished to write this topic, I found someone asking the exact same question on the Ouishare Labs facebook group. His option seems to be Mautic



For the contact collection we are still using ninja form, which makes us manually adding the emails to the newsletter tool, PhpList, that we are now using.

Simplest process, is to use a simple script so when someone fills his address through wordpress it is actually sent to phplist. Here is an example:

When the process is approved we can implement it on the official wp