[SOLUTION] Newsletter Sign Ups on oscedays.org (& Sending out Newsletters)

UPDATE: This topic is closed. All documentation and info about Newsletter is here.

##Solution in Place: "Ninja Forms"
On December 22, 2015 I installed on the oscedays.org wordpress a plugin called “Ninja Forms” to collect email addresses for newsletter sign ups. The form collects the email addresses in the data base of the wordpress - so you can find all sign ups to this point there.

All sign ups before were collected with the plugin Contact Form 7 that had send the addresses to an email account: oscedays@web.de - But there was trouble with the form so we had to change. All the addresses we managed to collect that way were copied by @unteem to a document that is available in the owncloud.

#How To Send the Newsletter?
not sure yet.
@unteem was looking for solutions here: [TAKS] Newsletter and contact list

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Okay, so myself and @Jaime spoke this morning and decided that in the absence of any viable open source solution, we will use Mailchimp for our newsletter from now on.

A newsletter can be a powerful tool if used in the right way and we need to have visually engaging communications that stimulate the community, communicating about the latest cities and interesting organizations that have joined, our latest partnerships and so on. As soon as an open source or more suitable option comes available we will adopt that.


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@sharmarval & @Jaime - fair enough.

Can you please post your comment here. We forgot to close this topic here. The correct documentation is over there.

In the other topic is also the documentation how to get all the new email addresses from the WP.