[RESOURCES] Textiles waste upcycling ideas for OSCE Day 2 Bucharest (10 June)

Here we’re going to post more ideas on how textiles waste can be re-used / upcycled, and what have other OSCE Days communities already done on this.

There is already a list of resources from other OSCE Days events on Circular Textiles on the OSCE Days forum: here or here

Interesting links to take a look at:

SMILE Resource exchange Ireland: http://www.smileexchange.ie/success-stories/ - a free platform for businesses to connect and identify potential synergies where a waste in one business can be a resource in another.

WRAP UK - Lots of interesting work and ideas on what actions to take in a community on re-using textiles waste

There’s also the European Clothing Action Plan project, funded by the EU - receiving applications for offering hands-on support to designers, retailers, brands, supplier, etc to receive advice from specialised industry organisations on how to re-use / up-cycle textiles and implement circular economy solutions at local level. http://www.ecap.eu.com/get-involved/

The Textiles Recycling Valley initiative in Northern France - interdisciplinary collaboration to increase collection and reuse of textiles. http://www.valleerecyclagetextile.com/

It also created a textiles recycling stock exchange: http://www.valleerecyclagetextile.com/EN/Bourse-de-l-economie-circulaire-31.html

@Silvia was mentioning we could also explore 3D printing with textiles, there are materials online, like this example here. @Silvia , @all, what other ideas could we explore on 10 June?


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Other resources:

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

3D Printing Eco-friendly Filaments -USA

Hemp based filaments - Italy

Repurposed sails - USA

The Association of Wiping Materials, Used Clothing and Fiber Industries - USA

How to recycle clothing

Recycling cotton garment waste - USA