[PLANNING] Open Labs—Sustainable Fashion: London December 2nd

This is the thread for planning the summer event.

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3 Lesney Avenue
The Broadcast Centre
Here East
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E15 2GZ


December 2nd


The event is being organised by Lost in Talent, Sublime and OSCEdays

Open Textiles: The Future of Fashion

Are you young crafty and passionate about the future of fashion? Join us to see how radical fashion ideas are being used to challenge the status quo of unsustainable fast fashion through ‘craftivism’, ‘upcycling’ and digital making practices.

The fashion industry today needs to change trends to become sustainable in the future. Technologies like 3D printing mean there are new and exciting ways to design and make circular textiles that can also create a future textiles industry that is sustainable for everyone.

This is a hands-on event where you will have a chance to get stuck in and try out some of the ideas being discussed. You will have the chance to do some practical upcycling textile activities, see some digital making ideas in action, and do your own fashion activism. We will have a mix of talks from inspirational speakers who are at the cutting edge of radical fashion practices.

…including Farah Ahmed from Julie’s Bicycle (amongst others)…

A collaborative event hosted by Sublime Magazine, Open Labs and Lost in Talent




Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions.

Here are two previous posts with ideas for activities for a fashion shwopping activity and a local maker mapping activity. We will probably focus on fashion for this event and do the mapping at a later date.

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Immediately after we left the call it occurred to me that August is a very quiet month when a lot of people are on holidays. I think September would probably be better…

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Useful to look at the LWARB’s circular roadmap: http://www.lwarb.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/LWARB-London’s-CE-route-map_16.6.17a_singlepages_sml.pdf

Some additional local initiatives in Hackney that I will connect with:


Sustainable Hackney

…Hackney Fixers the Big Fix is on during the 23rd September:

For those who are less familiar with OSCE work up to now, we have already had the Berlin textiles node working on an OSCE textiles manual, that is in an early iteration.

Hey, Sorry I’ve been really bad at staying on this.

I might be able to see if I can get some speakers as I’m talking with lots of people around my thesis. Will keep you in the loop of how that goes.

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Following on from this we should definitely have a workshop around communication of sustainable fashion cause that’s what’s missing a bit in industry. Inclusion of everyday people.

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That’s so true. Totally agree. If you can think about how to interweave the communication issues into our activities that would be great.

I’m trying to source some ‘waste’ textiles to cut on the laser cutter to test out one of the Post Couture designs above.

@Sublimemagazine suggested a few speakers and one of our students is doing up the communications.

PS The forum takes a while to get into, but is very valuable because everyone can contribute! Hence, how we met. :slight_smile:

I’ve contacted Gerardine Hemingway (who does not like speaking in public, I hear) so I’m persuading her… Another name that pops to mind is Dr Noki, designer and anti fast-fashion activist.


I will try him next.

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This is the basis of my research. How to make sustainability appealing, interesting, relevant to wider audiences…

What kind of workshop are we thinking about and for whom? In the past, I’ve done talks and workshops around this at Berlin ESMOD and Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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Inspirational video on interview to Dr Noki and upcycling workshop.

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