Circular Fashion event for OSCE days in London

Hi guys!

My name is Chidubem, I curate the site Lost in Talent. Currently, I’m working with other young people to create a local community swap shop as part of the Uprising Environmental Leadership Programme.

The idea was inspired by Rebecka Fleetwoood Smith’s work which highlighted that memories and stories allowed possessions to transcend their function. Our idea is to host a swapping event which connects visitors with one another (through networking and dinners) and also clothes.

This is a twist on the swap shop as we ask each donor (of clothing) to share a story on a tag which will accompany their piece of clothing. We would like to host this event a part of the OSCE days.

I wanted to post it in the forum to see if any one would be interested in working with us on making this happen?

PLEASE feel free to get in touch if you’re interested.


Hey @lostintalent brilliant!

What dates are you thinking? We have been doing some initial thinking about a potential late Summer event (I will be travelling for work during the June dates). Very happy to input and support. Some ideas here:

Hey @sharmarval thank you for getting back to me.

I like the idea of mixing talks with activities. Would you be up for doing something that combine the fashion idea with mapping? We could make a map of some of the sustainable fashion stores in London as one activity.

Have the first part of the event focused on speakers from the sustainable fashion industry and then swap and activities after. As for date, we are quite flexible --we could do it as part of OSCE on the 9th (evening) or 12th (evening) or at the end of July. Let me know your thoughts on combining ideas and working together.

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Sounds cool. Yes, I think doing something in fashion would be cool. I’m not around in the beginning of June because I’m travelling for work.

When are you available? We can plan something for july if that suits you better?

Yes, July would be better. Maybe we can set up an open meeting in June to start planning things?

Let’s do that. When are you back or free?

Are you free to meet later this week? Thursday works for me or else Friday morning?

Unfortunately can’t meet in person this week. Could we do Skype on Friday?

Yes, Friday morning? 10am?

10am on Friday is great.

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Great, also speaking to the people at Sublime magazine who are interested in collaborating.

What’s the best mode of comm for today? Skype is good for me.

Yes Skype is good…what’s your Skype name? I’m sharprend