PHYSICAL BoST Meeting 2017 – Planning

On November 14, 2016 we started to discuss this:

###Let’s continue the discussion here. Questions:

  • Who would be in for such a meeting?
  • How long should it be (3 days + arrival and leave?)
  • Where should we do it?
  • When is a good time - what can we reserve in our calendars? – June? Or July?


I would like to do this, but I cannot join in June, so July is a better option.

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it might be more attractive for sponsors to declare it “OSCE network conference” and try to include (at least invite) one person from each participating city (with a focus on those that are most active)

Purpose of such a conference would be to further develop

  • the usability of the platform
  • the participatory decision making structures within the network
  • strategic planing of the next steps of OSCEdays development
  • the strategic outreach to related organizations

Latest agreement is to target March 2017 for the physical meeting/conference/unconference/get together/etc. It has to happen before OSCEdays in June 2017 and the sooner the better for our organizational needs.


  1. We need to choose a location to meet physically.
  2. Deadline for the physical meeting should be lately on March to prepare the next summer OSCEdays.
    6.1) We need to find a location and/or place to host the event.
    6.2) This meeting is important also to find a structure for OSCE.

See notes from latest BoST call:

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Update: This meeting has not been planned to happen in 2017 so the topics has been closed.