[BoST Meeting, PHYSICAL!] 3rd physical BoST Meeting from October 21-24, in Europe

img by Sunciti Sundaram, cc-by-sa


In the BoST call on July 25 we decided to have another physical BoST Meeting – for all all BoST members and also interested community members.

We already picked a date – to make progress. October 21 - October 24, 2016.

Please state if you can’t make it that date and suggest another date instead. We will see. If too many people are already blocked on that dates we need to find another date.

We generally decided to meet in Europe. Because this is where most of us are at the moment. And Silvia from the US is in Europe by the end of October anyway – which brings already one more from outside to Europe.

The final place we can decide in future BoST Calls.

We will see if we can find financial support or activate other sources to pay for our tickets – there are some ideas in the room.

Looking forward to the meeting \o/


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I’m in for that weekend and could also travel

I am also in for that week-end and I can go to another city in Europe, if I can go by train from Paris.

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Hey guys, i’d love to be there, but ive got a (small) relapse in recovering from my burn - out. I can’t commit to being there, although if i’m healtly enough by that time i’ll definilty travel to Berlin for the meeting.

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We discussed yesterday that we’ll move the meeting to November to coincide with the DIF, and it could take place in Berlin. I do hope you recover well and will be able to come.

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I of course love the idea of a physical meeting.

I will not be in town from Nov 21-25. But most of the other days in November :slight_smile:

That’s the 3rd week of DIF, does that mean that you will not be at the event in Berlin?

I’ll try to run the event on the weekend of 18-19-20 November or 26-27 Nov.

26-27 Nov would be after the official DIF - but weekends are for “maker” events important so I am sure, they would understand. I wanted to talk to you about that anyway.

In the week from Nov 21-25 I will be in a little german town running a hackathon at a university - and I will frame it as OSCEdays/DIF local event :slight_smile: – so another one on the map already.

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Good thing we want to meet in Berlin, hope I’ll be walking again by then.

We should change the date in the title and decription.

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The meeting did not happen. It is too complicated for a team spread across the globe to come up with a date and manage the travel costs on such short notice. So we transformed it into a project with longer planning:

Discussion will be continued there.