OSCEdays Event Berlin (Baumhaus & Transition Office) – Nov. 25-26, 2016


@transitionmica and I think about an event in Berlin during the DIF. Who is in?

We think about a smaller event.

26th - Baumhaus, Food Policy Paper Event
26th & 27th - Transition Office, Hackthon On Open Modularity

  • Your Idea - the transition office is free in the week from the 21-27 for everything you want to use it for :slight_smile:

or 25-26-27?

see above

+Any other suggestions?

##who is in?

+who else want’s to join us? Ideas? Just add yourself to the discussion.

##what is planned so far?

  • see above


I did not really had time to think about what I want to do. If nothing else comes up I will create an ACTION on modularity based on a unified grid and invite people to play with the grid - a hackathon on modularity, involving fashion, furniture +

@transitionmica , when do we want to meet? Since you can’t walk right now we can have the meeting close to your house. Maybe there is a cafe or something where we also can invite others to join.

can you make this a wiki so I can update?

We can meet in the Transition Büro which is just one floor up from my appartment, just 3 mins from the S Bahn Wollankstr., 17 mins north of Friedrichstr. Got coffe and tee there, plus you can see if this is a potential location for part of our event, namely meetings/ discussions of groups up to 30 people (upside: it’s for free and I can take part even after my operation, downside: it’s not in a popular location (too far north for the usual kreuzberg-neukölln-crowd) and on third floor (no elevator).

I would also love to participate. I am having this idea (very rough) for an open source modular green facade. Small moduls to put on every balcony or window…
There is not a lot more there then the idea. but maybe a hackathon or something would be helpful.

It just depends on which weekend the event will be. On the 19.11 i have to be in Tübing for an all-day Cradle to Cradle workshop.

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@jo_stigo great! That makes the second weekend the favorite one :slight_smile: (it is my favorite too)

@transitionmica post is a wiki now. What day is a good day for a meeting. How about next Thursday? 19:30?

Have you asked Scott about Baumhaus?

Baumhaus is only available on the second weekend. Rent would cost 2-300 Euros a day, they can’t provide the space for free right now. They have a group that works on vertical gardening (indoors), we may be able to link up with them on the green facade. I’ve done vertical gardening upcycling workshops, we could involve Anja Fiedler from “Stadt macht satt” who’s more expert than myself; she may not be in Berlin but would know who else to get on board.

Thursday is fine for now, depends on the date I get for the hospital.

ok. Let’s look into the Transition Office then and think about alternatives that might be free.

Ok. Meeting on Thursday, Transition Office, 19:30 - if nothing gets in your way. I will create an announcement on monday.

Adress is: Brehmestr. 6, bell says “Büro”, it’s the street parallel to the railline (on the Pankow side)

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Note I took out my place – because the Transiation Lab is already the better option – and I also the CRCLR lab - because to expensive.

Here is the announcement of the first meeting. Share it in your channels.

I tried to write up a short summary of what was discussed at the meeting and posted it here with the meeting announcement.

In an afterthought: How about making it an ACTION to create a crowdfunding for the Baumhaus weekend?

Another ACTION idea from my work:
Write an Action Protocol for setting up a sustainable bulk buying club (for organic, faritrade and locally produced food) and try it out. I have people In Prenzlauer Berg (through foodsharing) who are interested and DickesBee food-coop who have already researched all the contacts to producers. There is a manual to base the Protocol on, so it should be fairly straight forward.

Cool! Looking forward to join the event.

We will have another meeting before 7.11., hope you and @jo_stigo can join then. Keep your eyes open for the date, Lars will post it here.

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Any updates regarding the space @Frans? Should we go for Baumhaus then?

I am still waiting for an answer from ImpactHub and GreenAlley. I will call them both tomorrow morning. From my side: we can go for Baumhaus, we just have to realize it might not be the ideal place for doing a press-related event.

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Böll-Stiftung needs a lot longer to process funding application, so does the Berlin administration. I’m afraid these alleys are not viable for our short term planning. Stadtteilzentrum Teutoburger Platz is already booked, too. We may have to go with just Transition Space and Baumhaus, at least these are still free. Let’s think how we might be able to give Baumhaus something that would otherwise cost them money, e.g. build a vertical garden for them as part of DIF?? Help with other building tasks now?

I’ll go to chat to Karen tonight (7pm @ baumhaus) if you want to join us spontaneously.

As things are not planable in the DIF-process and I may not be able to host the event myself, I’ve changed/ adpted my idea and am looking for places to host this in the third week: [ACTION in Development] – Write A Food Policy Paper (For Berlin)

It might be far more productive anyways, and certainly more fun. If we then find that we have something to show, we can always invite some press people to join us.

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@Lars2i and @Frans discussed options today. There will be a one-evening-dinner-event at CRCL / Agora Rollberg as a separate event but part of OpenLabs. We also discussed the option to hold a collaborative press event there. They would be good partners for that, I believe. We thought of doing a press breakfast in the week of the 25th. Alternative options for event places: Green Alley is still considering and will reply. I am also checking with the innovation space at betahaus. If they are not too tense about getting enough money, and also like it to be part of the OpenLabs, I think Baumhaus is a a good option too.

Does any of us go to this event? http://greenbuzzberlin.de/event/sustainability-drinks-21/

Looks like a great place to advertise the DIF.

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