OSCEdays Event Berlin (Baumhaus & Transition Office) – Nov. 25-26, 2016


DIF press event would anyways be different to the circular food systems project. My meeting is mainly about collaboration during the 3 phases, feedback, content input, activation of network…

I also find CRCLR or Agora the best place for a general press event, if we can get it.


Good idea! Shall I contact them? One of us @transitionmike @Lars2i @Frans should do pitch.


Please do, only I can’t go, already have an event that evening.


Just posted our event here: https://transitionnetwork.org/
and here: http://www.transition-initiativen.de/events/osce-dif-labs-3-wochen-internationale-kollaboration-zu

can I have the Logo as small jpg to upload there please?


I can go to Sustainability Drinks. Maybe @Lars2i too? I have already written them.

Here are two Jpegs:


Thanks a lot

This is not helpful for the current money question right now, but for the future?


Hi Maike, it is still possible to run the event at the Transition Büro, right?

I think if Baumhaus is not 100% sure the Transition Office might be the best alternative for a small one day hackathon on modularity.


The Transition Place is always open, unless it’s already booked (currently only wednesday afternoons).

I spoke to Karen today to find out if we can ‘pay’ them in something else but money, and we have a deal for the food event for one evening: we’ll collect kitchenware for them and do a one day upcycling slipper-production workshop in December for which I need to find felt materials (e.g. old coats and blakets). We’ll create a wishlist to show what’s needed and collect donations through Clemens @ *Leila (Fehrbelliner Str. 92, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg).

If you have any other creative ideas how we can help them cover their expenses we could negotiate for some more time.

If we want to connect the event in the Transition space to the online world it would be good to set up a signal enhancer for the WLAN (so if anyone in the community has one and can do that for the event - that would be awesome)


I updated the main topic. We have been on the phone 2 times - things have developed - reflected this in the main topic.