[Open Meeting] – First Open Planning Session OSCEdays Berlin NOV 2016



the Open Source Circular Economy Days are collaborating with the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2016 setting up a global Open Lab on the subject of The Circular City.

We want to run a small local event here in Berlin – from November 26-27 - to take part in the global lab and connect people from Berlin to the global DIF audience & OSCEdays community.

Our first meeting to plan the local event will happen this Thursday – October 20 – 19:30 at the:

Transition Büro
Brehmestraße 6
Bell: “Büro”, 3rd floor
it’s the street parallel to the railline (on the Pankow side)
S Wollankstraße

###Can’t find us? Call

Lars: 0176 218 65 009

See you in Pankow.

@transitionmica @Frans @Lars2i

Here is: what was discussed so far

Post is a wiki

People at the meeting
@Lars2i @transitionmaike @FransPrins @JuliaP @Bluees

Topic: possible places

  • Baumhaus (great: hosts are very interested and would be involved and excited=advertise the event, BUT we need to oganise money e.g. Böll Stiftung or crowdfunding)
  • Green Alley (potential, may fit, we don’t know them yet, might be a good partner for the future)
  • Wigwam (potential, may fit, we don’t know them yet, might be a good partner for the future)
  • Wikimedia (free and easy to get BUT not such a welcoming atmosphere, very cold light, host would not be involved, only for formal meetings)
  • ThinkFarm (not good, host not involved, only for meetings)
  • Nachbarschaftshaus Teutoburger Platz: have nice space and workshop BUT it’s usually busy already and space is limited
    Decision: We’ll have decentralised event, several locations throughout the 3 weeks, try to pay for Baumhaus and find one place for press event for the policy paper presentation (ideally Rathaus)

We spoke about the ACTIONS:
@Lars2i does an ACTION on sharing in Schwäbisch Gmünd (@Bluees will join him with a skype talk on *Leila sharing shop)
@transitionmaike will prepare the “Edible Pankow” policy paper als an experiment to develop an ACTION protocol for writing a policy paper

Next steps
@transitionmaike check about funding options from Böll and the option to get the Rathaus
@transitionmaike and @Lars2i will work on the ACTION Protocol for the food policy paper to improve the structure and clarify phrasing
@Bluees checks availability at the community centre
@Lars2i will look into Green Alley and Wigwam: does this really fit?
@Lars2i will finish the website
@FransPrins will look into Impact Hub as a potential partner
@FransPrins will set up a facebook event
@Lars2i and @FransPrins will look into the crowdfunding capaign option
@Lars2i is producing an explanation video for the OSCE forum

The actual DIF starts on the 7.11.
Next meeting sometime before that.