OSCEdays - 3rd DOCU DAYS - May 27-28, 2017

###3rd edition

##MAY 27-28, 2017

This is the topic for the 3rd OSCEdays DOCU-DAYS that will happen at the weekend May 27-28 2017.

The links to the communication channels (text & video) are posted below.

Do you plan to join us and document or share something? Let us know in a comment below.

What are the OSCEdays Docu Days? Check our FAQ.



Located at Riot.Im, you can use it at any device, feel free to use it as a guest or sign up)


We will have a number video meetings. Some will be streamed (if all participants agree). To join the conversation you need to install the Google hangouts plugin on your computer


SAT, May 27, 11:00 GMT - 1st Assembly – JOIN | WATCH

Compare Your Time Zone To GMT

Do you want to have another video meeting at another time - maybe more convenient for your timezone? Just ask for it below in the comments.


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It’s on! Link to our video assemblies are posted.

I will be online today and working on developing an action protocol for ‘how to do a maker walk’. Hope some people can join me!

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Cool. I will be online tomorrow. I have a bunch of ideas what to do. Could not make it today because I was busy at: