OSCEdays' 2nd – DOCU-DAYS - April 8 - 9, 2017

##APRIL 8 + 9, 2017

This is the topic for the 2nd OSCEdays DOCU-DAYS that will happen at the weekend April 8 - 9, 2017.

The links to the communication channels (text & video) are posted below.

Do you plan to join us and document or share something? Let us know in a comment below.

What are the OSCEdays Docu Days? Check our FAQ.



Located at Riot.Im, you can use it at any device, feel free to use it as a guest or sign up)


We will have a number video meetings. Some will be streamed (if all participants agree). To join the conversation you need to install the Google hangouts plugin on your computer


SAT, April 8, 11:00 GMT - 1st Assembly

SAT, April 8, 17:00 GMT - 2nd Assembly

SUN, April 9, 11:00 GMT - 3rd Assembly

SUN, April 10, 17:00 GMT - 4th Assembly (Wrap Up); PRODUCED RECORDING:

includes Show & Tell elements

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Do you want to have another video meeting at another time - maybe more convenient for your timezone? Just ask for it below in the comments.

I plan to join. My goal is to document the methodology that we are using for the Food Systems Lab, a social innovation lab on closing the food loop/reducing food waste in Toronto. The methods from the lab may be useful for other cities wanting to try different collaborative approaches to designing solutions.


Cool! I am going to look into Urban Mycology and Worm-Composters. I have seen good documentation for both in the web (for example from @dax). Will filter a bit and sort out good sources.

Hi All :slight_smile: I haven’t done too much documentation but I’m keen to sharpen those skills!


@dax great. What about your documentation at Zero-Waste-Labs. Some of it looks quite good already. Maybe it can be extended. And maybe you can share the links with the resources on urban mycology that have inspired/helped you the most.

Hi Friends,

I have created this group on Wikifab.

Wikifab helps you to create your documentation into a simple step by step guide everyone can follow. The goal is to make it easy for people to start something concrete, new and circular.

Here is an exemple: http://en.wikifab.org/index.php/Word_Clock

If you want to, document your project on wikifab and add it to the OSCEdays group.

Wikifab is still in beta. Please send us your experience, thoughts and other feedback on the community forum. What’s missing, what do you love, what would you like to see? We promise to look into it and it really helps us in making the right decisions to improve Wikifab.

Best, Clément

Hi @Lars2i . Sure, It could certainly be extended!

Thinking about it, I guess the best form of ‘documentation’ I’ve come across is accidental in the form of a vibrant community (for example: reddit.com/r/mushroomgrowers) - documentation is certainly part of the goal, but it’s more a side effect of the other processes (asking questions, sharing and critiquing methods, discussing ‘best practices’, etc)

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Yes! that is exactly how I see it. But I think our goal here is to actually inspire people to ask questions - Make them know what they don’t know. Give them an idea where to start, what to think about and if they have questions, where to ask them.

Cool! Thanks @Clement - Do you have any projects on Wikifab you would consider as circular? Can you recommend some?

Great article!

I also never knew that this (warning: nsfw language!) came from the collected poems of Donald Rumsfeld :confused:

Sure, check these projets:


cool documentation on edible skinfood by @transitionmica here on the forum

list with urban gardening and related projects here on the forum. Most of this documentation could be a bit extended.

I have been working on plans for a circular economy ‘wiki’ and case study database for a few years, and wondered if OSCEDays members might be interested in supporting this. Whilst researching my A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains Uploading… https://www.koganpage.com/product/supply-chains-for-a-circular-economy-9780749476755, I created a database to collect good examples, and now have over 400 different ‘stories’ covering different industry sectors and stages of the supply chain from across the world (and lots more waiting in my email inbox!).

Many of these are start-ups and SMEs, which I think is very exciting, proving that (a) it’s viable and (b) you don’t need a big R&D budget. I have discussed the idea with a few organisations, everyone thinks it’s a good idea but no one wanted to ‘own’ it, so I either need to find a suitable backer or try to make it ‘crowd-sourced’.

I don’t want to ‘own’ it, but would like to help develop it, and have my name associated with it. I have invested a lot of time in the research, in thinking about it, and creating a workable database structure so it is easily searchable with (I think) sensible categories to organise the different aspects of ‘circularity’.

The issue with the existing sites (including Circulate, EMF, Circular Economy Club, consultant sites etc) is that they are not easily searchable, and focus on big corporate stories. My vision is for something that helps answer the question “what can I do with xxxx waste” or “what examples are there in YY sector, for this kind of product, etc”. A kind of global ‘one stop shop’ for the circular economy. It could have links to case studies etc on other websites, but crucially contain all the key data in one place to make it easier to search. It could also be linked to the detail design documentation from these ‘Docu-Days’

A critical point for me is that it should be open-sourced, to ensure credibility, transparency and trust. There may need to be a small user fee to fund the platform and verification/maintenance (though ideally it would be funded through grants, corporate supporters etc), but users should be able to load their own data, and comment/flag up any issues with their own or other companies data. I’ve got further ideas on those aspects.

I have experience in building a comprehensive knowledge share platform in my role at DHL Supply Chain for our sales and operations teams, with a detailed ‘services’ database.

What do you think…???

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@cjweetman Hi, that sounds really good.

Maybe we can brainstorm about your project and how you could go about it at the ‘docu days?’ Do you have time to join a video call or text chat this weekend? I would love to brainstorm it and learn more about what you already have.

Myself and @huelfe have written an application to get a grant to make this happen - the IPO tables project is about a simple search engine and documentation format for circular economy solutions. If we are lucky and can work on it maybe some synergies can be found. Would be fantastic.

Hi Lars and @huelfe

Thanks for your message, yes it would be great to chat and explore it further. I am pretty flexible this weekend (haven’t looked to see what else is scheduled for DocuDays).


Cool. The Agenda - links to text chat and times for video meetings will be posted in the coming days. I’ll ping you so you’ll get a notification.

Looking forward to meet you and hear more about your ideas.

Update Links are posted now; ping @cjweetman

We developed a circular and modular toy kit for children. I am working on a documentation of it right now. Image is a teaser.

It is made of

  • nuts and bolts
  • wire
  • beads from wood and glass
  • you are allowed to cut all kinds of paper to combine it with the rest.

Update Some more pictures uploaded. Website will follow.

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We’re going to surf the web today for cool information, documentation and instructions on

  • rocket/hobo and wood gas stoves
  • water colelction, water purifiers, water treatment systems
  • micro-methanization
  • aqua- and pee-ponics
  • plant boxes
  • bee hives
  • composting, terra preta, fly composting and worm composting
  • food fermentation
  • beer brewing
  • juice making

We will document our finds here: Connecting modules for a circular food-sanitation-agriculture-system

Please look in, comment and add whatever you know about these technologies

@Lars2i when and where do we start the chat?

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chat is open. https://riot.im/app/#/room/#oscedays1stdj:matrix.org

In two hours is a video meeting for those interested. See you there maybe.