OSCEdays’ 1st – DOCU-DAYS – March 4 & 5, 2017

###– A 2 day collaborative online event dedicated to document circular economy solutions –

###Join us on March 4 & 5 to document and share your project

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ABOUT & Announcement Website | Download Announcement: (PDF) (HTML)

HowTo: ACTION Protocols

#Communication Channels



Located at Riot.Im, you can use it at any device, feel free to use it as a guest or sign up)

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We will have video meetings every 8 hours (eventually). To join the conversation you need to install the Google hangouts plugin on your computer

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March 4, 10:00 am GMT – 1st Assembly – WATCH | JOIN

March 4, 6:00 pm GMT – 2nd Assembly – JOIN

#Sign Up & Questions

###How to Join?

Just pop up in one of the assemblies and in the chat to share your project and documentation. We are happy if you also ‘sign up’ by letting us know that you’ll come by posting a quick comment below.


Do you have any questions? Just post them below.


Want to get in touch with a suggestion or question? Please post a comment below. Only if you are sure that this is not the right place for it send an email to: zimmermann.lars@email.de


I’m in (at least for one of the assemblies)

Jo from Belgium


cool! What are you going to document?

Hey Lars,

We organise a Zero Waste City Tour in Antwerp on Saturday 4 March.

So I can start by writing about this and the Zero Waste movement.




Fantastic. We have a Zero Waste Event Guide - but it is not complete and not in the form of an ACTION protocol.

I plan to join for Assembly 2 and will share our documentation for OSCEdays Vancouver 2016.


The [TEXT CHAT room] (https://riot.im/app/#/room/#oscedays1stdj:matrix.org) is up

It is located at Riot.Im, you can use it at any device, feel free to use it as a guest or sign up)

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The time for the video assemblies have changed. It starts one hour later. It is weekend after all :slight_smile:

hi! see you on the 2nd session. also Torino and Bolivia will be there

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Updated JOIN link for the 2nd session: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/fiql6fnxlbg4lnpzbfmtcd5stue

@goal12 shared this link in the video session with documentation of their event last year: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2RlRzGK1p1SaXhpMEdCZVdmZTQ?usp=sharing

I wasnt able to join this but I’m very interested to take a look at any outputs - are any ACTION protocols posted somewhere?


@p mackay Ah, sorry, we were a bit late for the assembly.

#Results 1st DOCU-DAYS

Check the 2nd video above. We are talking about several resources in the videos and also about upcoming events:

@goal12 Belinda shared a great folder with material that can help you to run an event. There will be more documentation about Aquaponics coming soon. @RicardoRug shared the documentation of OSCEdays Bogota and the ACTION on designing a product MOD re co. And we learned about the plan to work with refugees in OSCEdays Torino 2017.

###Other Documentation Collected

ah, yes, and another outcome is the new name “DOCU-DAYS” that was suggested by @sharmarval here