ORGA TOPIC & CHAT - OSCEdays Berlin 2018



this topic contains basic info for orga and volunteers of the event.

Team & Volunteers Meetings

BEFORE: Before the event we met every Wednesday 18:00-20:00 at Cafe Pepe close to Südkreuz / Not on June 13th

DURING: We will have big 1h introductory meeting for the whole team of volunteers and orga where everyone will get the basic info so we can run the event smoothly together :-). This meeting will happen on Thursday June 14th, 11:00am LOCATION: @Infralab Markt (at the venue).

Team 2018

Mail us or send a direct message | @Lars2i (; 017621865009), @lu_cyP (, @Dina (, @JuliaP (, @Qing (, @transitionmica (, @Mayya, @huelfe, @Sandra_Nicoline_Niel

Volunteers (on the forum): @dax, Are you a volunteer and have a forum account? Ping @Lars2i and you’ll be added.

Helpful Documents


Space & Time Plan :clock430:

A document with a time table showing what space is occupied by what when. Allows us to spot free rooms when we need some.

Space & Time Table

Food Solutions :green_apple:

When people ask you where to get food - or when they look like they want an explanation for one of our food choices you might explain them something mentioned in this document or point them to it.

Food Solutions OSCEdays Berlin 2018

Zero Waste Event :wastebasket:

When you spot people who are deploying flyers or when someone asks you where they can put flyers please ask them to put the paper back into their bags: We are running a Zero Waste Event (sort of) - we don’t like to see flyers! BUT! We love to see one flyer. We have a Flyer-Wall in the welcome area (Infralab Markt). There they can pin their flyer and people can take pictures of flyers they like. This creates also a good spot for social interaction : - ).

Downloads :paperclip:

The graphic designs and a lot of other materials can be downloaded from our PRESS & DOWNLOADS PAGE

Circular Berlin Exhibition :classical_building:

As a volunteer you might make yourself familiar with the Circular Berlin Exhibition Concept. Maybe you can help with building it/setting it up.

Circular Berlin Exhibition Concept


Supplies For Workshops

A document listing the supplies requested by the workshops.

Workshop Supplies

Production Bible

A document with info about open questions, equipment at the space, a to do list and a lot more. (Contains personal data about staff therefore only visible after request.)

Production Bible

Press Release

As PDF-Download: Pressemitteilung OSCEdays Berlin 2018.pdf (78.7 KB)
As Google Doc: Link

Other Production Related Docs

OK friends. The :soccer: World Cup starts the same night as OSCEdays. But luckily Germany plays at the 17th.

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Hi! Unfortunately I won’t be in Berlin yet, will arrive late at night. Probably @JuliaP will represent the Textile team :slight_smile: @Lars2i

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You mean for the Team meeting, right? No worries. Everything will be pretty simple :slight_smile:

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@Lars2i I also have a friend volunteering on the 15th. How can I let her in?

@Mayya Just tell her to go to the counter and say that she is helping with fashion stuff.

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Do we have a press list? Does anyone invite magazines etc? Or did you? Can include someone on the list so that they can enter?

Hi, yes the press list is here. (not public because of private data)

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Press Release

And here is our press release. Share it like ca-razy! :slight_smile: I’ll take care of the press list and our partners.


PDF-Download: Pressemitteilung OSCEdays Berlin 2018.pdf (78.7 KB)

Google Doc: Link

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