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Hi @Gien,

no problem. I created a topic describing how you can enable email notifications when you are pinged. I think as BoST member it would be good to activate it.

Regarding you comment above. I think it is great but off topic here. This thread is to discuss the list of challenges.

A better place would have been in a new topic in the “places & spaces” channels category or as a quick comment in the BoST & Association Chat.

Cool. Will post there.

Hey Lars, good points.

I would insist in having these guidelines remain in the challenges. I believe that creating frames to work are liberating for creativity, and make it easier to create new realities.

But I totally get that making it too constraining might undermine creativity.

Nevertheless, any innovation that is not cost-effective or affordable in the capitalistic sense of the term will not be adopted, and defeat our purpose.

As long as we are not able to adapt the capitalist economy to a gift economy, which is not OSCE’s mission yet, prices will still determine adoption on a global scale of new innovations.

My initial intent with the challenges was not only to inspire, but to draw a roadmap of where our circular economy should go, and without the guideline criteria, I wouldn’t know how to get there.

My guideline points my not be the best ones, but I think it’s important that they are there and would show everybody what our vision is and where we want to go.

And if these guidelines are already there, they might simplify the development of the projects to make them directly useful to everybody.

If you think they could be better put into context, please build on top of it : )

All of this is up for debate!

Ok. I am not super keen on kicking them out (still would but can also live with them). :smile: - And if you think they are important, why not keep them.

We can shrink them down maybe a notch - just have them in 2 or 3 sentences on the bottom (or even on the top) of the post.

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Ok cool,

Will think of a simplet way of tying them together and explaining their purpose :wink:

Update: The List above is now a wiki!

Discourse had changed how to make a wiki and I could not find the Info. But thanks to sam now we all know.

Hi @Jaime, @Silvia, @sharmarval, @gien

to make progress with the list I created a first full version and published it here.

It was a lot of work and meant to shrink down and rephrase some stuff. It is now of course what I thought should the list be like. But this is not necessarily how you think it should be.

I’d suggest that we continue the meta-conversation on the list here. While we could discuss content in the actual list.

###Political Neutral?
When you look at the list, the thing that concerns me the most is the area „Policy & Society“. Because here it is very hard to stay politcally neutral. Some of the things I added are based in a certain world view that is not necessarily the only way to analyze the world. This would mean raising a political or ideological flag.

Not sure if we should stick with the OSCEdays to be „absolute neutrality“ (probably impossible anyway) or show some political orientation. I think though that should not concern us too much with the list as it clearly says, it is not a project of the Organisation but of the 5 of us. Although we are all part of the BoST …

Sorry for answering late. The list is good, let’s go with it. Thank you for getting it done.

On politics, you are right, there is nothing neutral. I think we can avoid too many ideological “food fights” if we emphasize policies over politics. Policies are necessary and unavoidable, so our role is to get the ones that underline OSCE to be embraced and implemented.