[MEETING, May 17] - OSCEdays Berlin Community Tuesday

For notes and documentation of the OSCEdays Tuesday in Berlin on May 17, 2016 - 7pm, Agora (Neukölln), 3rd floor.

Can’t find us? Call 0176 218 65 009

The meeting is open for everyone to join.

What is OSCEdayy Berlin? Check our README

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Post is a wiki. Please add what we need to discuss.

###1 Planning Party Recap
Last thursday was our planning party. It was great. What have we learned, who is new, what to do now?

###2 To Do till June 9
@transitionmica started a TO DO LIST topic and people contributed. Let’s go through it and see, what is missing what we need to do in the coming weeks.

###3 Upcoming Event: Community Breakfast May 25
This breakfast event we do for the community and to invite press.

###4 Add
Feel free to add stuff. Post is a wiki

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sorry I couldn’t make it, too much work right now (need to earn money sometimes). where can I find what you talked about?

I @transitionmica

The meeting was short and not too many people attended. We had two new challengers present that will post their challenges soon.

No urgent stuff was discussed. Mostly infrastructure. Where can we find tables, flipcharts and chairs.

Maybe we will do a building session some days before the event.