[MEETING May 12, 2016] - Planning Party!

Hey Berliners! :+1::beers:
If you are around the 12.May come and join us for a cold beer, nice company and an exchange of ideas for the OSCE days. More infos from our FB event.
we are looking forward to see you there!

The party starts at 18:00 and is in Neukölln at the Kindl Area “Am Sudhaus 2” - Look out for the “Agora Collective” Sign.

In case you have struggle to find it call: 017621865009

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Hey Jay,

we are sitting her, discussing the planning party, and we were wondering: What do you need for it?

beers? (how much)

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Save those pallets for Cyceloo-Toilets

no they will be used for sthg else

if you want to use them indoors they should be single use pallets and NOT Euro-pallets which are doused in fungicides that you don’t want to sit on, breathe in…

Where’s that tunnel? Part of Agora Kindl?

I think that Tunnel is underground. But it looks like we will only be upstairs.