[MEETING, December 1] OSCEdays16 Berlin – Challenge Creating Hackathon 1

In the first meeting about the OSCEdays16 in Berlin we were discussing what are good challenges. (Read about it in the documentation of that meeting).

Defining a good challenge needs some creative work, together. So we decided that the best way to go is to meet and do creative work together: Frame and define our challenges and post them in the forum and start working on them.

Right now we have

with us there for sure. But everyone is invited to join us.

There will be a simple introduction and we can sit down together and brainstorm creatively how to frame your idea, project, company or interest into a challenge that we then can accelerate and build together with the local and global OSCEdays network!

###The Meeting will be on December 1st, 19:00-21:30

PLACE: Gneisenaustraße 45, Entrance through the big gate for cars, second backyard left, first floor right (door will be open)

Gneisenaustraße 45, Eingang durch eine Einfahrt, Zweiter Hinterhof links, erster
Stock rechts (Tür wird offen sein)

Feel free to post questions or ideas below in the comments or the Berlin category.


  1. Quick Introduction Round (10min)
  2. Recap Last meeting: What is a (good) challenge? (10min)
  3. Quick Challenge Introduction Round and Big Brainstorming: What is your challenge? Do you have an idea how to frame it already? Do you need some inputs. (20min)
  4. Work in groups - Frame the challenge (20minutes)
  5. Big group: Pitch your ideas so far and feedback from others (20min)
  6. Write down the challenge and post it to the forum. (30min)


total: 110min

"In the best case a good challenge combines all of these 4 aspects:

1. Easy to communicate through a defined outcome (tangible in best case),
2. It is a useful stepping stone/creates a needed resource for the larger project or activities behind it,
3. Uses the possibilities for networking and visibility of the event to build and accelerate networks and alliances for the larger project or goal (in this case it is good to start early before the event),
4. Can serve as a simple entry point for new people."


We had some new people like Erik from the FSFE

After an introduction round:

@Ina @Lucy @Arianna @JuliaP @Babaruna @Anna_Perrottet were discussing the circular textile challenges.

@simonlee & @Lars2i were thinking about the CRCLR Lab challenge. Something is already posted.

The next meeting will be December 10, 19:30 @Agora

Some other stuff we talked about:

##OSCEdays Tuesdays
We decided, that we should have regular meetings every first and third tuesday 19:00 in Agora. Called OSCEdays Tuesdays. There we can develop and discuss challenges, share ideas and plan the event for next year. (The next meeting on thursday december 10 is already an exception though ;-))

@Simon came up with the idea to have an exhibition at the event. This will be good to get people to the venue, that are just interested in visiting not contributing. Everyone liked the idea. The exhibition will of course be interactive - so inviting people to do hands on stuff with us. This exhibition will most probably be on sunday afternoon. Details will be developed over the coming months.

##What is A Challenge?
We discussed again, what is a challenge. Lars will improve the (global) topic he created last year to cover all important aspects. Update: done.

ping @transitionmica @cameralibre @Justine @sophia