[Public Wiki] Circular Textile Challenge 2016: List of Ideas

Hi everybody!

It`s time to slowly start thinking about our Circular Textile Challenge(s) 2016. The date is already set: The OSCEdays Event 2016 will take place from the 9th to the 14th of June 2016! We are starting to collect ideas for the challenges now.

List of ideas for the Circular Textile Challenge(s) 2016 so far:

  • planning a real-life closed loop circular textile circle with multiple stakeholders (and realize it after the event!)
  • rethinking local systems for circular textiles
  • developing a concept and business model for a Circular Textile Space (Berlin: in the Circular Economy Lab; other cities - other spaces)
  • mapping the textile flows in a city (Berlin and other OCSEdays cities)
  • wearable technology / smart textiles in a circular economy

Add your name here if you are interested to join:
@Ina, @Lars2i, @kunji, @Babaruna, @JuliaP, @Anna_Perrottet, @MartinaSkender, @Frans, @FransPrins, @Hannah, @Hannah_Ba_Nana, @Arianna, @MichaelWolf, @paulpollinger, @Sarah_Pollinger, @Lucy, @Ariane, @Mariangeles_Aguirre, @Susa, @Laura, @LizaSander, @Gema, @kris, @eliana, @ayumi, @Bea, @Natacha, @MoaNilsson , @Alice_audrey, @simonlee @belindali @mnicnielsen @federico

The next orga meeting is planned for the end of November - we will announce the exact date here!


Many thanks to add me @Sophia, I’ll be there if everything goes in the right way!


Dear All, thank you for the great Circular Textile Challenge Kick-off Meeting on - 11.3.2015

Please find the Minutes and Next Steps below!

Circular Textile Challenges:
We want to run 3 challenges that look at different parts of the cycle through real cases of Labels, companies & initiatives. The hosts/ industry partners of each challenge will be announced soon.

1- Future Retail Models - Customer Relation // Physical Store & Digitality
2- Marketplace for Recovery of Pre&Post Consumer Textile for Closed Loop Recycling
3- (Circular Materials & Design)

Challenge formats:
There will be 2 formats of each challenge
1. Intensive Challenges with Design Thinking methodology guided by facilitators with (sub-) groups of limited ca. 5 constant participants, that need to apply before
2. parallel an flexible „barcamp“ format with the same challenge / research question open for all visitors, no limited number of participants

Outcome of the Design Thinking challenge will be a real prototype (short video / photo documentation)
Outcome of open format challenge tbd. (eg. written documentation of the ideas to be published online)

Exhibition / Visual / Practical Part:

  1. We thought about creating a Permanent Exhibition Thursday to Monday, to show pioneering companies & initiatives, MA Alumni projects etc.
  2. As well as a Final Exhibition of the Outcome from Sunday to Monday.
    @Lucy would like to look into developing a practical project alongside the main challenges, developing a way to think materially and visually about circularity that could perhaps be a creative tool during discussions. This could be combined with the idea of the permanent ‚exhibition‘ or presence of examples, with the opportunity to visually show things and involve people practically.
    @simonlee welcomed the idea to establish an area for more noisy happenings eg. a pop-up studio/second-hand corner.

Presentation (before & after):
Thursday: Presenting & Introducing Circular Textile Challenge (2015 - 2016)
(General Introduction in Sustainability in Fashion)

Monday: Guided Tour through Exhibition & Outcomes, Business Panel

@Lucy and @JuliaP would like to look into the documentation and publication of the event and will therefore get in touch with @simonlee .
(Interviews / Feedback Sheets / Quotes / Short Movie Docu etc. )

We teamed up into working groups that are responsible for the following parts:
Please reply here to join us if you want to contribute to the organization of the Circular Textile Challenges!

Challenge Structure & Content

Facilitators at the event

@sophia (?)

Exhibition / Visual / Practical Part
(@Lucy& Cecilia)

** Marketing & PR**

(@Lucy & @simonlee )

Organization & Technicalities

The groups work independently on their tasks and the next Textile Meeting will be in first/second week of april, details announced soon.

I look forward to create all together an amazing event!
Please just reply here if you like to join us! Everyone is warmly welcomed!


Hi dear all,

What you’ve created so far for the challenges sounds amazing! I would love to join and help out where I can. Do you already have a date for the next meeting?

See you soon!


Have you invited Nudie Jeans yet? Seems like they already know a lot about ethical sustainable circular jeans. AND they have a shop in Berlin.