Global Video Exchange OSCEdays June 2016 - Planning

Hi @BoST & Franz & Leopold,

@BoST - I got a call from Franz Nahrada - an austrian active commons activist for many years now. He offered to organize some kind of global video exchange during OSCEdays in June 2016.

Here is, what he wrote in an email (Franz, I hope you don’t mind that i publish the mail here, let me know, I can take it down quickly)

Dear Lars,

was great to finally talk to you on the phone, here is my idea again:

(independent of OSCE Days Vienna)

  • Make a first step towards a life stream connecting OSCE days worldwide-with the special intention to have those participate who cannot participate in a physical event. This would mean target especially communities in rural areas with some maker potential.
  • Encourage people to view the content together (public viewing), i.e. make an offer to such communities (like in the case of Astros/Parnonas or Tamera) who have a high and actual maker potential and also intention, but are not yet ready, for one or the other reason, to organize a full OSCE Days event. And of course motivate others to look in this direction.
  • Use this as the seedform of a common endavour and development (, virtual university of the villages). in the future we could use this platform for special topics, like, for example, solutions for the refugee crisis etc.
  • Ask for video contributions in advance to create a denser program.

I would not mind even to use Facebooks streaming capabilities for the moment since we have no global infrastructure in place yet.

We are not yet set up for this completely, but it would also help us develop capacities.

all the best

(and Leopold also for Open Land Lab)

@ Franz & Leo

We already forged the plan to have this year again like last year a global video reporting going (here you can study how it was set up 2015):

##1 Global Video Hangouts 2016
The plan for this year was, to have every 12 hours a public and streamed hangouts where local organizers can join and share a bit about their local events.

We said each of this hangouts should be moderated by someone else - from the @BoST for example.

For this all public organizers need to have a local “media person” who will also be responsible for collecting some basic data about each event - number of participants and projects for example.

So this is step 1. And is definitely going to happen. You can join in with this task, which would be great. Although it will not be too much work. I will create the topic and instructions for the workflow. And send the mails. Then it is just moderating and setting up each stream.

Do you have a concrete idea for a step 2, something you could focus on? Here is and idea:

##2 Global Challengers Interviews
You could set up an interview team. And then browse the forum for interesting challenges that are going to happen in 2016, or you reach out to local organizers directly and ask them, if they have interesting challenges or projects to share. Then you could try to arrange Hangout-Calls with those challengers.

You could set up a topic here in the forum where you announce the program - when will which interview be streamed – and we put the link to the website. So we have live streamed interviews with some local challengers.

In this Interview series you might also be able to get some of the Mentors from the Mentorship Program in if you have stuff you’d like to answer them. I am sure, some of them would like that.

What do you think?

If you have time, you can join the Board of Stewardship Call this monday (21:00 Austrian time)

Maybe together we can create other/better ideas.

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Hi Lars, looks good! I do not want to announce too much - so we try to follow step 1 closely and also create a life physical meeting related to it.

All the best


Ok, Good to know.

The whole Process for the Global Video Hangouts is developed and Posted Here.

Let’s continue there.