[BoST Call, May 9, 2016] – General Call of provisional BoST No 13

Meeting of the provisional and open OSCEdays Board of Stewardship (BoST) - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We will meet at 7pm GMT on Skype on May 9, 2016

Do you want to join? Let us know - ping @Lars2i and @sharmarval

What should we discuss? Please add things here (post is a wiki) or as a comment below.

MODERATOR of this call: Silvia | Deputy ____

##1 Hi

a. Who is going to document?

b. How are you? / Do we have new people in the call? Please introduce yourself and tell us how you are today.

##2 Sponsorship updates
iFixit list ready to go?

##3 Open house
What is Open house? Speakers, invite text, recording format.

##4 Media contacts
Update on who is contacting them.

##5 Global Video Exchange Ideas
I (Lars) got contacted from Franz and Leo from Vienna. They are keen to do something with video to connect the global community. Let’s create ideas. Maybe they will join the call.

##6 Suggestion: Global Business Model Challenge

Lars: I created this tool to understand and design “Open Source Business Models for Circular Economy” and got good feedback so far. And I think, it would make a good global challenge.

##7 Mentorship Program is ready

Ok, the mentorship program is ready with tutorial and video welcome message. How to we want to place it next to the stuff we already did/do? Any ideas?

##8 . . .

please add

. . .

##Next Call

Next BoST Call is May 23, 2016, 10am GMT

Who is going to be the moderator of the next call and the deputy?

Hi there,

I am keen to join the board of stewards -

I am a co founding member of SRG ( stop reset go) with Gien (from Cape Town) - I am also half way through the Circular economy MBA with Bradford Uni. I am based in Northamptonshire UK

I am hoping to get an OSCE days event together for Peterborough in the next month in time for June 9- 13


I am not actually based in Peterborough but am sure we can gain some momentum and have a few key individuals engage with the days in June

Kind regards,

Tom Harper

Hi @tomharper

that sounds great! Do you want to join the Call on May 9 or already the next one on April 25?

Please add me on Skype so I can add you to the call when it has started. I messaged you my skype ID in an PM.

Hi Lars,

I have a community meeting the eve of the 25th - so wouldn’t be able to join.

I shall endeavour to bring myself up to speed on developments and strategy for the OSCEdays in June by way of exploring this site and seeing what plans/ processes/ projects are being prepared. Then I hope to be fairly ready for the meeting on the 9th May.

I sent a Skype contact request this morning - hopefully you should receive that?


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I’m sorry that I can’t come this evening because I will be traveling again unexpectedly.

How are you?

  • Julia: Maybe onboarding Iasi
  • Jaime: Talking to companies
  • Gien: Talking to Peter Burl
  • Tom: MBA Circular Economy, trying to set up an event for Peterborough
  • Erica: Talked to Ellen MacArthur Foundation last week, busy with event in London & Reading
  • Lars: Bit sick with a cold but keeps going

iFixit list ready to go?

  • Will send them end of May, 50 people on list

Opening Ceremony renamed to “Open House”

  • Silvia: IDEA: invite speakers to record words of welcome/ messages of support
  • contacts: see folder

Who is contacting media?

  • Erica, Sharon on it
  • Erica talked to Webster
    Action: Each of us should do more media outreach

Global video exchange ideas

  • Lars will set up global reporting = meet the organizers of each local event
  • New format might be developed by Franz & Leo from Vienna, ie.:
    Interview with Challengers worldwide (dwelve deeper into specific challenges through video)
    IDEA by Jaime: “Show three similar events in different places, connect them -> video”

Global business model challenge

  • Lars: Tool is developed, videos not done. People are interested in business model aspect
    Action, all confirm: Put on website as Global Challenge
  • Silvia: Let people work with framework alone and come up with new things
  • Lars: Tool connected to business model canvas, people should improve tool through usage
  • Silvia: People will help explain concept by/ after trying it out
  • Tom: Working on similar problem, will post related content on website. Simplicity of tool makes it more likely for people to use and improve it
  • Silvia: How to build bridge between “generations” towards paradigm shift?

Mentors already volunteered.

  • Silvia: Action: Everybody promote the program!
  • Erica: EM Foundation people might spread it in their newsletter
  • Lars: Community needs to ask questions. What if they don’t?
  • Gien: We should step in.
    Action: Observe mentorship program during the event to make sure questions are asked.

Anything else…

  • Erica: How to measure outcome, impact? Joe from EMF: DIF Festival what did they do?
    -Tom: Brandon & Paul contacted from C2C Group? Prof. Peter Hopkins might be willing to give 5 mins speech
  • Lars: Specific things that professionals talk about especially interesting
  • Erica: EMF supportive but they see the problem: Difference between OSCE vision and the view of big corporations who struggle to see connection to their realities
  • Tom: They are trying to maintain roles of producer/ consumer (mindset constraints)
  • Silvia: Community calls: How long to wait for people to show up?
  • Lars: Advertising important.
    Action: Advertise community calls more.
  • Julia: IDEA: Invite at least one party you already wanted to talk to to your own community call
  • Silvia: May 30th talk with two guys from Circul-r, they might want to send us speakers videos, who wants to join?
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@sharmarval @TechnicalNature and @Lars2i in touch with Miquel @Fairphone to become a partner / supporter / friend – can we invite @douwe (Joe - FP Community Manager) for chat — pinging through some details via @ to Joe later today

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Douwe Schmidt support Joe

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Hey @Grit sounds good. Do we need to do something here?

@sharmarval Can we compile material @Douwe #Fairphone can use on their social media
I’ll check with Daria FP for partnership and use of Fairphone logo …