[BoST Call, May 9, 2016] – General Call of provisional BoST No 13


Meeting of the provisional and open OSCEdays Board of Stewardship (BoST) - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We will meet at 7pm GMT on Skype on May 9, 2016

Do you want to join? Let us know - ping @Lars2i and @sharmarval

What should we discuss? Please add things here (post is a wiki) or as a comment below.

MODERATOR of this call: Silvia | Deputy ____

##1 Hi

a. Who is going to document?

b. How are you? / Do we have new people in the call? Please introduce yourself and tell us how you are today.

##2 Sponsorship updates
iFixit list ready to go?

##3 Open house
What is Open house? Speakers, invite text, recording format.

##4 Media contacts
Update on who is contacting them.

##5 Global Video Exchange Ideas
I (Lars) got contacted from Franz and Leo from Vienna. They are keen to do something with video to connect the global community. Let’s create ideas. Maybe they will join the call.

##6 Suggestion: Global Business Model Challenge

Lars: I created this tool to understand and design “Open Source Business Models for Circular Economy” and got good feedback so far. And I think, it would make a good global challenge.

##7 Mentorship Program is ready

Ok, the mentorship program is ready with tutorial and video welcome message. How to we want to place it next to the stuff we already did/do? Any ideas?

##8 . . .

please add

. . .

##Next Call

Next BoST Call is May 23, 2016, 10am GMT

Who is going to be the moderator of the next call and the deputy?

Global Video Exchange OSCEdays June 2016 - Planning
[BoST Call, April 25, 2016] – General Call of provisional BoST No 12
[BoST] OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship – About, Meetings & How To Join

Hi there,

I am keen to join the board of stewards -

I am a co founding member of SRG ( stop reset go) with Gien (from Cape Town) - I am also half way through the Circular economy MBA with Bradford Uni. I am based in Northamptonshire UK

I am hoping to get an OSCE days event together for Peterborough in the next month in time for June 9- 13


I am not actually based in Peterborough but am sure we can gain some momentum and have a few key individuals engage with the days in June

Kind regards,

Tom Harper


Hi @tomharper

that sounds great! Do you want to join the Call on May 9 or already the next one on April 25?

Please add me on Skype so I can add you to the call when it has started. I messaged you my skype ID in an PM.


Hi Lars,

I have a community meeting the eve of the 25th - so wouldn’t be able to join.

I shall endeavour to bring myself up to speed on developments and strategy for the OSCEdays in June by way of exploring this site and seeing what plans/ processes/ projects are being prepared. Then I hope to be fairly ready for the meeting on the 9th May.

I sent a Skype contact request this morning - hopefully you should receive that?



I’m sorry that I can’t come this evening because I will be traveling again unexpectedly.


How are you?

  • Julia: Maybe onboarding Iasi
  • Jaime: Talking to companies
  • Gien: Talking to Peter Burl
  • Tom: MBA Circular Economy, trying to set up an event for Peterborough
  • Erica: Talked to Ellen MacArthur Foundation last week, busy with event in London & Reading
  • Lars: Bit sick with a cold but keeps going

iFixit list ready to go?

  • Will send them end of May, 50 people on list

Opening Ceremony renamed to “Open House”

  • Silvia: IDEA: invite speakers to record words of welcome/ messages of support
  • contacts: see folder

Who is contacting media?

  • Erica, Sharon on it
  • Erica talked to Webster
    Action: Each of us should do more media outreach

Global video exchange ideas

  • Lars will set up global reporting = meet the organizers of each local event
  • New format might be developed by Franz & Leo from Vienna, ie.:
    Interview with Challengers worldwide (dwelve deeper into specific challenges through video)
    IDEA by Jaime: “Show three similar events in different places, connect them -> video”

Global business model challenge

  • Lars: Tool is developed, videos not done. People are interested in business model aspect
    Action, all confirm: Put on website as Global Challenge
  • Silvia: Let people work with framework alone and come up with new things
  • Lars: Tool connected to business model canvas, people should improve tool through usage
  • Silvia: People will help explain concept by/ after trying it out
  • Tom: Working on similar problem, will post related content on website. Simplicity of tool makes it more likely for people to use and improve it
  • Silvia: How to build bridge between “generations” towards paradigm shift?

Mentors already volunteered.

  • Silvia: Action: Everybody promote the program!
  • Erica: EM Foundation people might spread it in their newsletter
  • Lars: Community needs to ask questions. What if they don’t?
  • Gien: We should step in.
    Action: Observe mentorship program during the event to make sure questions are asked.

Anything else…

  • Erica: How to measure outcome, impact? Joe from EMF: DIF Festival what did they do?
    -Tom: Brandon & Paul contacted from C2C Group? Prof. Peter Hopkins might be willing to give 5 mins speech
  • Lars: Specific things that professionals talk about especially interesting
  • Erica: EMF supportive but they see the problem: Difference between OSCE vision and the view of big corporations who struggle to see connection to their realities
  • Tom: They are trying to maintain roles of producer/ consumer (mindset constraints)
  • Silvia: Community calls: How long to wait for people to show up?
  • Lars: Advertising important.
    Action: Advertise community calls more.
  • Julia: IDEA: Invite at least one party you already wanted to talk to to your own community call
  • Silvia: May 30th talk with two guys from Circul-r, they might want to send us speakers videos, who wants to join?


@sharmarval @TechnicalNature and @Lars2i in touch with Miquel @Fairphone to become a partner / supporter / friend – can we invite @douwe (Joe - FP Community Manager) for chat — pinging through some details via @ to Joe later today


Douwe Schmidt support Joe


Hey @Grit sounds good. Do we need to do something here?


@sharmarval Can we compile material @Douwe #Fairphone can use on their social media
I’ll check with Daria FP for partnership and use of Fairphone logo …