[EVENT DOCU OSCEdays15] - 1 How to develop global OSCEdays15 - A Timeline of Tasks


For documentation purposes i started to create a timeline - the steps we used to develop the global OSCEdays 2015 (first edition). Feel free to add, what is missing. To much detail could be counterproductive though i think.

Part I of the Documentation of the global OSCEdays 2015. See here for Part II with Impressions & Videos.

##DOCUMENTATION: How to develop OSCEdays15 - a Timeline with Tasks

###Idea (Nov 7. 2014)
The idea came up in a call with @Lars2i @Alice_Audrey @unteem & @MaxFabian. A few days later @sharmarval @TechnicalNature & @cameralibre jumped on board

###Website Building (Nov 2014 - Jan 2015)
Building the website with a design, a description of the idea, a participation guide, first ideas for a READ ME and so on. HTML Download of the OSCEdays15 landing page, mission statement & participation guide landing page (June 15 version):

oscedays.org landing page(June2015).zip (4.3 MB)
Participation Guide HTML Document.zip (475.8 KB)
OSCEdays Mission Statement HTML (June2015).zip (557.8 KB)
OSCEdays15 Design Files Cloud Folder

###Advertising & Community Building (Feb 2015 - May 2015)
Spreading the word! Trying to reach across the globe. Activating our networks and networks of networks to find global partners (local organizers). Community Calls with people that were interested to become local organizers. Setting up the infrastructure for them. (Community Building Team).

Standard “Welcome to the OSCEdays”-Mail send out to new local organizers after we met them in a video call and agreed to collaborate.

(Before the OSCEdays I had 8 Skype contacts. Now I have 93! So many great calls with great people from all over the world.)

###Development of the Forum (Feb 2015 - Apr 2015)
We developed the forum, set up the tech, created a structure for it and wrote some important topics like “How to Post a Challenge”. Of course the development of the forum went on after that and is still ongoing - but in April we published it and announced it to the community.

COMMUNITY MAIL “The Forum is Up” from April 13, 2015

###Building Content & Understanding (April & May 2015)
The second half of April and the whole May was for getting everything together. The forum was up and we started using it so most stuff can be found here. Some of the stuff we did: Further building of the platform, pushing and building the community, constantly updating the webpage, getting in touch with speakers for our five minute video messages, explaining Open Source and much more … ah, and the people who worked hard on the OSCEdays met for the first time in real live :wink:

Blogpost: OSCEdays First Meeting in London

[COMMUNITY MAIL May 14, 2015] Let’s start developing the OSCEdays

###Setting up Global Reporting (May & June 2015)
Global reporting was one of the key things to connect the community and build a lasting and shared archive of faces and impressions. I was a rather complex setup starting in May and going on till June.


Live Stream Overview Page

Link to some of the Videos in OSCEdays EVENT DOCU Part II - Impressions & Videos | OSCEdays YouTube Channel

Then the Event …
… happened as planned : - )

###Documentation & OSCEdays Future (June … 2015)
After the event time is to spent for documentation. This topic here and Part II with general Imrpessions, Videos and More are the key parts (so far) of the documentation of the global event. But more important then to look back is to look in to the future. What is the future of the OSCEdays Community? A new category to discuss this in the following months is opened in the forum.

Forum Category: OSCEdays Future

COMMUNITY MAIL June 18, 2015 - Future of OSCEdays & Event Docu

###Some Designs from the OSCEdays15
(See them all here)

Many local organizers created beautiful adaptations of the OSCEdays design!!! Have a look at the city pages to see some of them. In Shenzhen China there were OSCEdays-Banners flying in the streets …

Logo - Made by Jenni Ottilie Keppler & Max Fabian:

Header Image by Jenni Ottilie Keppler (CC-BY)

Map by Sam Muirhead (CC-BY-SA)

Graphics made by Jenni Ottilie Keppler