[COMMUNITY MAIL, June 18, 15] – Future of OSCEdays & Event Docu

Community mail sent to all local organizers, media persons June 18, 2015

#Future of OSCEdays & Event Docu

READ THIS MAIL IN THE FORUM: [COMMUNITY MAIL, June 18, 15] – Future of OSCEdays & Event Docu

Hello dear local organizers and friends,

The first edition of the OSCEdays is over and it went really well! We are still overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm we encountered, particularlly in the global interviews (25 in total).

##(1) OSCEdays Future

There was one feeling which was shared by most of the people we talked to: “This is just the beginning”.

And we think so too! But the beginning of what? Where do we want to go together as a community? What is the future of OSCE and the OSCEdays?

Let’s discuss this - there is new category in the forum called ”OSCEdays Future”. Join us in the discussion: share ideas, wishes & visions. Let’s work out the best next steps to take together.

OSCEdays FUTURE category .

##(2) Documenting the Event

You build the future on the past.

Many of you said that you would upload documentation of the challenges in the forum soon, and some of you already have. This is key. The forum is the place where we meet, where we are visible to others, where we learn from each other and can collaborate.

But as well as the documentation of the challenges, there is documentation of the event itself, with which we can tell our story. Pictures from the venue, videos, impressions etc. I’m sure you have plenty to share too. If you already have a suitable place for this documentation e.g. the website of your organization, that’s good. But if you haven’t, we would like to suggest that you use the forum for this as well! It’s best not to use your subpage on the OSCEdays website, as this will be outdated quite soon. But in the forum it can be part of an ongoing discussion, it will remain visible and useful in the future.

Start your topic with “[EVENT DOCU]”. Have a look - Berlin has already started the development of a Docu-Topic:

[EVENT DOCU] OSCEdays Berlin June 11-15 2015 @Agora

Even if you publish your event documentation on another website, we encourage you to create an “[EVENT DOCU]” topic in the forum anyway and just put a link to this website in your topic. This way, OSCEdays community members (now and in the future) will be able to find your documentation.

OK, that’s it for today.

We will write again soon, once we have the documentation for the global event finished (you can follow that discussion in the global “documentation” category). We will also come up with a solution for a global “news channel” where eeveryone will be able to announce things without having to spam our email-inboxes all the time. Stay tuned.

Lars, &