[DEVELOPMENT] – Open Labs: The Circular City, Nov. 2016 – Organisation & Development

Cool. @Frans Could you provide some templates for BoST and others to use to post on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Groups and so on? Do you have access to all channels?

@Lars What templates do you mean, other then the design templates already provided by Sam? I have access to Facebook and Twitter, not to Google Groups and the request to the LinkedIn Group is pending.

I mean text for some standard tweets or facebook posts others can just use to spread the link.

###Communications Plan Published

Frans Posted a document about the OSCEdays Open Labs Communication Strategy with a Timeline for Activities

###Collaborative Communications Document Posted

Frans posted a document with texts to use in communications. Please @BoST & Community - help us spreading the word. Find stuff to use for communication here:

###Daily Bits On The Circular City Starting Thursday

Hey, I did a little brainstorming this morning on the content side for the upcoming weeks. I had some ideas I like. One is: That starting from Thursday I will post every day one bit (almost blogpost like) on the Circular City in the Circular City Topic. To explain the topic and start a collection.

@Frans – this gives us also something meaningful to communicate. I will continue this also during the brainstorming phase. It is possible to link to individual comments in the thread. So – given we have some activities in our thread - we have content for 2 to 3 posts on social media per day. But there will be at least one.

@Lars2i that would be awesome!

###Closing & Documentation

Ok. The Open Labs have ended. I unpin this topic now. Please find here the


(might still be under development.)