City Category - Please add my city as a category

Please add my city of Saint-Petersburg in Russia to cities category.
Thank you !


@burec – done :slight_smile:

have fun with it:
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hi, Burec!
здравствуйте, Екатерина!
very happy to hear about an event in my loved hometown! keep in touch!
Вы можете смело ко мне обращаться

Toronto (Canada) is confirmed! We’re ready for a city category.


Done :slight_smile: here it is:

Please add a category for the city of Turku,
Turku is located in the Southwest of Finland and we are planning to organize a local event on 8th of June.
Thank you!

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Hi @VeeraH Here you go :slight_smile:

Looking forward to read what you are up to.

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Hi There, I am planning to run an event this year in Sydney, NSW Australia. Could you please add Sydney, Australia as a category. Thanks

Done. Here it is: About the Sydney category

Welcome! :bee:

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Please add fort Lauderdale as a category


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@Keith_Blackeller Here you go:

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Hi Please add a category for “Seattle” and/or “King County, Washington”.

We’re currently working with the city of Seattle on how to use the Circular Economy to help businesses and citizens collaborate circularly.

In King County, WA we did an interactive tabling event of different companies in King County and Seattle using the circular Economy in their business model. Here are some examples of the thinking.


Hi @Kamal – that sounds great :slight_smile:

Here is your category. Have fun with it.

And just post questions if you have some.

Thanks @Lars2i !

Will try to get the others I’m working on to use this platform.


Hi there, would you please add in the city category to Mexico City? I would to organize an event in Mexico City in June.

Kind regards.



Welcome @Ricardo_Weigend_Rdz


Here You go:

Please add a category for my city of Birmingham
Please add a category for my city of Wolverhampton


Here is your Birmingham Category.

Have fun using it :slight_smile:

And here is the one for Wolverhampton

Please, could you add a category for my city Sabadell which is located near Barcelona in the Valles Occidental region?

We wish to open a new event regarding “Makers”, consisting of a participatory process for designing a maker space in Sabadell, focused on reuse and waste recovery, linked to a bigger regional network of maker spaces.
Our intention beyond the event is to obtain fresh ideas, know about a similar experiences and moreover engage new stakeholders around this topic.


Hi @riglesias - here you go:

Feel free to reach out to the community members in Barcelona too. They have been quite active in the past years. We are also happy to connect you to some of our friends in Barcelona if you need help with anything.