Seattle, Please, Introduce Yourself

For community and event organization around Seattle.

Welcome to the community forum! This topic is a place where you can say hi to your local and also the global community, introduce yourself, and we can get to know one another a little bit. And people know who is working on OSCE in yourcity.

And feel free to use your city category to organize your local activities: like meetings, programs and so on. Use the tag city-seattle when posting in other categories on the forum.

The Seattle category was created after this request by @Kamal

Hi Seattle, my name is Kamal and I’ve been working a few circular economy projects. One with King County and one that I’m working on currently with the City of Seattle.

With Seattle we plan on creating workshops to practice Circular Economy as well as thinking about OSCE Days as a way to launch a bigger event.

Below is some of the thinking for the last project with King County.

In King County, WA we did an interactive tabling event of different companies in King County and Seattle using the circular Economy in their business model. Here are some examples of the thinking.

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Here is a stakeholder map we’ve been building and looking to build with the Seattle and King County community to visualize relationships

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Hi Kamal, welcome to our global community and the US community, we’ll change the world for the better together.

I wanted to put you in touch with @PSP-N-2016 (Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann) who is based in Seattle and planned an OSCEdays event last year. You might find opportunities to collaborate this year.

Good luck!

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