City Category - Please add my city as a category

Is your city not featured yet as a category in “Cities” and do you plan on developing one or more challenges in it? Please leave a note in this thread and we will look into adding a category for your city.

Meanwhile you can use a city category of a city close to you or use use the “Other” category.

Please add a category for my city of London, Ontario Canada. I will use this to invite others from the area to connect. New searches and referrals hopefully will allow more local connections to result.
Vic Jasin
Oakridge/(Oxford and Hyde Park), London Ontario

hi @vicjasin Here you go:

The category is called London, ONT - does this work as a name or do you have a better suggestion?

Hi Lars,
Your new topic header (London-ON) is perfect. Makes it clear it’s not the UK. Now we can start to recruit and publicize here.

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Please add my city as a category
Habana in spanish

I was introduced to Sharon Prendeville in TU Deflt in order to know about your project and the synergies with a movement that we are trying to push here in Cuba. She shared the information, the website and invited us to join the global OSCEdays.

I have found that there is a huge connection between our goals and the OSCE movement. We have planned a first workshop about Open Technologies for Life (OT4L) that by coincidence will be held during the OSCE Days.

We plan to connect our workshop with the global OSCE Days and explore ways to collaborate with the general movement and share our work with other experiences.

We are studying the documentation and trying to align what we already have with the general principles and methodologies.

For this first workshop we can have some level of alignment that will be improved with the work and participation in the community.

In our environment we have limitations in terms of infrastructure and we will try to do our best in order to profit from the platform and the principles of online participation but we need to find ways to compensate this lacks. We will learn and share from this experience.


Hi @urra

that sounds really great. Usually we do the onboarding in a Skype call. But when you have spoken to @sharmarval already, you have probably a pretty good understanding already.

But anyway, could you still send me an email - I need it to set up the infrastructure for you.

Here is my email address:


Please add the city of Porto in Portugal to the cities category.

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Hi @Ana – done :slight_smile:

Please add my city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan to cities category.
Thank you so much.

I’m Fab lab coordinator of Maker Lab in Kaohsiung.

We have maker community “Maker’s Attic” and regular open source events in Lab.
Everybody can participate the community and events for free.

Thanks. done :slight_smile:

thank you

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Please add my city of Saint-Petersburg in Russia to cities category.
Thank you !


@burec – done :slight_smile:

have fun with it:
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hi, Burec!
здравствуйте, Екатерина!
very happy to hear about an event in my loved hometown! keep in touch!
Вы можете смело ко мне обращаться

Toronto (Canada) is confirmed! We’re ready for a city category.


Done :slight_smile: here it is:

Please add a category for the city of Turku,
Turku is located in the Southwest of Finland and we are planning to organize a local event on 8th of June.
Thank you!

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Hi @VeeraH Here you go :slight_smile:

Looking forward to read what you are up to.

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Hi There, I am planning to run an event this year in Sydney, NSW Australia. Could you please add Sydney, Australia as a category. Thanks

Done. Here it is: About the Sydney category

Welcome! :bee:

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Please add fort Lauderdale as a category


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