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@Keith_Blackeller Here you go:


Hi Please add a category for “Seattle” and/or “King County, Washington”.

We’re currently working with the city of Seattle on how to use the Circular Economy to help businesses and citizens collaborate circularly.

In King County, WA we did an interactive tabling event of different companies in King County and Seattle using the circular Economy in their business model. Here are some examples of the thinking.

Seattle, Please, Introduce Yourself

Hi @Kamal – that sounds great :slight_smile:

Here is your category. Have fun with it.

And just post questions if you have some.


Thanks @Lars2i !

Will try to get the others I’m working on to use this platform.



Hi there, would you please add in the city category to Mexico City? I would to organize an event in Mexico City in June.

Kind regards.


Mexico City, Please Introduce Yourself

Welcome @Ricardo_Weigend_Rdz


Here You go:


Please add a category for my city of Birmingham
Please add a category for my city of Wolverhampton

Birmingham, Please Introduce Yourself
Wolverhampton, Please Introduce Yourself!

Here is your Birmingham Category.

Have fun using it :slight_smile:

And here is the one for Wolverhampton