CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions

@transitionmaike how was the event today?
how do you feel these days?

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I may translate it in Russian and maybe ask someone to translate it in Chinese

the event was small but still worth it, I learned a lot from talking to people offline. A documentation will follow the next days, once I’m done with my work where I have to keep a deadline.

My leg is getting better, but it will take a long time. Thanks for asking.

It’s alsways great when things get translated into other languages, not everyone is fluent in English. The ACTION Protocol still needs a lot of work before it’s worth the work of translating though. Which parts do you plan to translate? Let me know if you have any questions.


I may translate the parts you see are the main for a project. Just let me know when you feel it is done.

get well soon!

Hi @BoST

Please be aware, we need a new system for our calls. We will test a new system in every future call till we find a solution that works. So please check before the call in the Agenda what the new tech will be and if you need to install something on your machine.

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Hey @BoST

the documentation of the Open Labs is done. Check and comment if you see things to add or improve.

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looks good, thanks for the work

@Lars2i, @Frans, @nicustasia : here’s my documentation for the Berlin food policy paper event: [ACTION in Development] – Write A Food Policy Paper (For Berlin)


thank you!
You know this topic is also very close to me. I am thinking about how to make a green roof in the school so the students may grow vegetables and have the composting (or vermi composter).
And in St.Petersburg my friend also has classes about permaculture concepts with practice on an arranged territory.

Last time when I went to Berlin I saw quite a lot of open gardens where people grow food together and even whole houses that make common green roofs.It is very encouraging for me.
It would be a special pleasure for me to translate this documentation.

Does anyone have contacts to the OS and CE or permaculture community on the Philipines? I’m going to Manila in January and have one day (Sun 15.1.) to meet up. It would be a pity to miss the chance. I want to try and organize a line of mikro-credit funding for building OS-low-tech solutions for rural development (e.g. adapt the designs to local conditions and help to set up facilitating and parts providing businesses) with the investor I’m traveling for, but I need to have someone real to talk to in order for that to become more than an idea of mine…

So: if you know anyone interesting for me to meet, please get us in touch soon.

@Maike last year there was someone from the Make Sense Community active in Manila thinking about setting up some local OSCEdays activities. There are a lot of different Make Sense groups on FB, maybe you can reach out to someone there.

##Delhi Event
btw. There is an event labeled OSCEdays on December 28 in Delhi. The organizers contacted me on FB and also via email. I said to them they should sign up through the forum, they did not. But anyway, here is the event on Facebook. It is about urban composting.

Hey @BoST

When spreading the call for cities on fb I got an interesting comment from someone:

Awesome, what is your main physical location. I could imagine Park2020 (Hoofddorp, close to Haarlem, Amsterdam & Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) would be an interesting partner, since there is both Large Corporates as well as circular economy innovation hubs, as well as most of the buildings have been designed with a circular economy philosophy in mind. A very inspiring place to work, plus connections by Tesla / electric cars to other hubs would be possible. People coming in by air could also use Taxi Electric (30 Nissan Leafs + 10 Tesla’s), Abel (electric share-able taxi, Nissan Leafs + Kia Soul EVs) or the Schiphol taxi’s (170+ Tesla’s) and all the major hubs in the Netherlands are within short distance. We could even set up a connection with Berlin & Brussel f.e. with a couple of Tesla drivers willing to help out.

I asked for a chat. Let’s see how it goes.

@JayKay do you know anything about it?


@Lars2i Yup. They are Awesome with a capital A & are part of the networks i’m part of as well. Would probarelly be the best location yeah and it would be easy to approach them.

Hi guys, I’ve missed the last few calls but really want to join the next one. When is it?

the next BoSt-call is set for 20.2.2017 7pm GMT

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as we don’t have the next call as a topic: I’ve got a new computer as of yesterday but I haven’t figured out yet how to install skype (it’s got ubuntu on it, all new to me). I hope for the future it will sort the technical problems on my end to join our skype conference calls. If I don’t manage tonight, don’t wait for me :frowning:

As you have posted above. We don’t have a call tonight. The next one is in a week. This gives you 7 days to learn more about Ubuntu. :unlock:

Congrats to the new machine!

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Btw. someone told me recently that our June dates always collide with Ramadan. This makes is harder for muslims and cities where muslims are the majority to get involved.

This is probably something to take into account if we are going to announce another global date.


I used the documentation jam this weekend to also work a bit on the OSCEdays website - and share more documentation there. Have a look and let me know if you spot any mistakes or so.

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In the area of documentation, the photographs have different sizes causing the text to appear misaligned. (I know it’s silly)

The area of previous years seems perfect. It is important to facilitate access to those who want to see what has already been developed.

I think so far is a great job. I imagine it has been a very exhausting job but I think it is much clearer for those who access the page. (I have also received good comments about the site).