[BoST Call September 11, 7 pm GMT] - 2017 - General Call #24

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Please confirm your participation @BoST

Moderator: @sharmarval
Scribe: @Lars2i

1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?
Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

2 Actions

Joe replied, nothing that implies particular changes to what was previously discussed. Next step, those interested in helping @Lars2i present slides (@seigorobinson @sharmarval any more?)

All: continue to read/contribute around statute/association

All: continue to read/contribute around workflow

@Lars Update BoST e-mail list.

Open Values decision on Loomio

3 Global Projects

3.1 Review the current list on Google drive - Silvia
3.2 Hack the Global Water Crisis hackathon - Gien

4 Newsletter

We should send one as a follow up to the June event. Topics:

  • Follow up on any stories from June
  • Ongoing developments of the strategy

@sharmarval checked the newsletter stats recently. I would like to be/share responsibility for the newsletter from now on if nobody has any objections to that and no one else is already doing it?

5 Covering costs for forum hosting

See @Lars2i post about invoices.

6 Proposal

From Sharon. Suggestion to structure BoST calls according to project / task lists. I think this could help us to keep a better overview of the main tasks that we should/want to be doing.

7 BoST Participation

Added by Sharon. Update from Lars. Perhaps we need to think about a clearer commitment from potential new Stewards.

8 ‘Solutions’ experiment started

@Lars2i: I test something new. Good and valuable threads sharing real Open Source Circular Solutions can be granted “Solution” and shared more popular.

Please add.

9 Strategy Comments


Agree and changed the name for newsletter.

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Hello @Silvia,

how can one confirm his/her participation?

by posting a comment here :slight_smile:

Hi @Lars2i,
does it mean that nobody participating so far? :slight_smile:
hope you had a nice Hollydays.

Nope, It is just for new people. Regulars are drawn into the call anyway.
Jepp, the holidays were good.

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See you all on the 11th. Glad you will join @Nikusha

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###1 Introduction

In the call


moderator: @sharmarval
scribe: @Lars2i

###2 Actions

  • Lars, Seigo, Sharon will collaborate on the DIF 2017 contribution

  • Qing and Lars and Frans will come up with a first draft for the associations statutes and share it with BoST to discuss it

  • Sharon has studied the forum and has a lot of insights about the use of the forum and suggestions how to improve our use of it. She will share it soon.

  • Lars will reach out via Email to all BoST members who is still part

  • Once we continued the Value discussion in the strategy sessions we will put it on Loomio

###3 Global Projects

3.1 We need to find a place to have all discussion in one place. Sharon suggest this topic: City / Project matrix / Silvia will have a look at it.

3.2 Hack the global water crisis is progressing

###4 Newsletter

Sharon will pick it up and try to make sure we sent out a newsletter every other month.

What will be in the next newsletter?

  • Report of OSCEdays Berlin (is well made and available here on the forum)
  • Maybe some videos from the OSCEdays event in Hungary
  • Invite other organizers to share their documentation as well
  • Update about the strategy sessions we are having right now. And an invitation to join it with feedback, questions, suggestions

Sharon will compose it. Lars will help it and feedback it.

###5 Hosting Costs

There is money till November. Lars will find a way to make the RFF help us. If it is not working he will let us know and we’ll find another solution.

There was the idea to ask for donation in our next newsletter but since we don’t have a legal form right now it is not possible to receive donations. So let’s be quick with the association - if possible.

###6 Proposal

From now on we will add the BoST To Do List Link – OSCEdays BoST – To Do List – to the „Introduction“ round of every BoST call to see where people are with their task. This way we can create more attention for it and remind people of what they wanted to do.

Gien suggested to also have a calendar open to have clearer deadlines and better project management. Good call! Let’s keep it in mind and start with the to do list for now.

###7 BoST participation

already covered in 2

###8 Solutions experiment started

The idea is good. But to start with it without asking about it and pitching it first wasn’t so good. We are in the process to find out what we want to use the forum for in the future and how to structure it accordingly. So there should not be too many changes. Let’s keep what is there and see how it feels.

###9 Stategy Comments

Nikusha were unable to attend our strategy session but want’s to contribute something

####9.1 Failure: Where are the people from the previous years?
It is hard to see where are the people from the previous years that attended OSCEdays Berlin. What happened to their projects? Are they still active? How to connect to them? Could this be improved?

####9.2 Can we be “The wolf in the park?”

  • Here is a video nikusha recommends to look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ3sBNALbMo | How can we make OSCEdays a „Wolf In The Park“

  • So many people don’t know about Circular Economy! It is not part of school and university education! It is a problem that it is a very small bubble. Can we change that?

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