[BoST Call, Nov 14, 7 pm GMT] - 2016/2017 - General Call #4

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Meeting on Skype (Google hangout as back-up, link will be posted here).

Please confirm your participation @BoST @Frans

Moderator: _____
Scribe: _________

##1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?

Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

##2 DIF Collaboration

  • Updates
  • Questions


  • Who wants to join the streaming this Friday 11 am GMT?

##3 OSCE (days) Meta

##4 Future Projects
If there is time let’s brainstorm a few minutes about what is happening after DIF. (See also 5 Physical Meeting)

##5 Physical Meeting
Should we plan another physical meeting?

will be there! it would be treat to talk about the progress of OpenLabs so far - and maybe look already a bit beyond that, too - like what could be next steps after the Open Labs have finished? What strategies are needed to keep developing OSCEdays and find funding for that? On project base? Etc.

i will be there. have some ideas for organization abroad.

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I won’t make this call because I will be on a train.

I should be there, look forward to it.

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Hi, should be able to make it, but If I’m not on time, don’t wait.

2 DIF Collaboration

How is the response? Does the cross-pollination work? Did anyone follow any of the DIF-events, did anyone give input there? Did any of the DIF-talks refer to the OSCE-idea?

3 Additional topics

  • Physical BoSt meeting? Yes/ No/ Postpone?
  • Mourn a minute for the US governed by Trump, and the world that will see 4 years wasted on climate change denial (sorry, off topic…)

i let some documents i create about themes than maybe can be interes to OSCED

osced definitions.pdf (98.5 KB)
osced org.pdf (94.5 KB)
website details.pdf (1.2 MB)

I’ve had something come up so I may not be back home in time for the call, I will try to make it but assume I won’t be there, sorry for the change.

Hi, we are on hangouts today:

##hangouts link


this time hangouts didn’t work for me, skype didn’t work for seigo. Every time someone cannot join the BoSt talk due to some technical problem and we’re wasting a lot of time during the talks to get them solved.

Any other options what we can use? If so we should all try them out before the next call.


Classic mistake: After the call I clicked the wrong button and erased all notes from the call. So I write down what I still can remember.

###Technical Problems
We had some technical problems at the beginning. When I started the Skype I got a message, that Stasia, Maike and Frans could not join - probably because they run unsupported systems. We switched to Hangouts because of that - and Maike was still not able to join. Next time, everyone with a technical problem should already join the conversation 30 min before the actual call starts so we can work on the tech-problems.

###In the call
@Frans @RichardoRug @Gien (moderator) @Lars2i (scribe)

###1 Hello

Everyone fine, mostly.

###2 DIF collaboration

  • There could be more traffic and interaction. How can we improve it?
  • We changed the communication strategy a bit: Instead of spamming people Frans spends time to watch and comment on DIF talks and try to get cross pollination and awareness going.
  • We were discussing to reach out to schools to get them involved. Gien wants to do some phone calls to people he knows and try to get them involved and give feedback about how this went. There is the question if with less than 2 weeks left it is to short notice for most people.
  • Next time we should show people more benefits for joining - for example more video streaming.
  • Gien suggests to get in touch with the c 40 project http://www.c40.org/

####Video Streaming Opening Phase 3 - This Friday 11 am GMT

  • Ricardo will join it, Gien can be there too and Frans also. In this call we will have a live connection to the CRCLR lab in Berlin and the Event in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria - Script will be shared for the call on Wednesday evening.

###3 OSCE (days) Meta

Ricardo created some interesting documents with ideas for future OSCEdays and website improvement. He will share those in extra topics now. So we have more time to look at them and discuss the ideas in future BoST calls! Check the topics pls. and comment on the ideas.


###4 Future projects


  • Probably we should announce open labs or other events like this from time to time - to create a buzz around certain dates and subjects
  • Maybe we should reach out to other organizations like EMF for partnerships like the one around Open Labs right now - synergies and impact
  • Gien/Stasia - Mapping project Project mapping
  • Regional Connectors (see documents of Ricardo) - Push the ideas of regional connectors that connect within a country and continent. Try to get people involved and so on. How to motivate people to do this? How to provide them with the tools needed for this job?

###5 Physical Meeting

A physical meeting would be great. But the one we had in Sep 2015 was already complicated and this was just people from the UK, Germany and France. Now we have Ricardo in South America, Stasia in China, Silvia in the US, Gien in South Africa and a bunch of people in different countries in Europe.

How to find a date and how to pay for the meeting? Seems very unlikely.

IDEA: When OSCEdays started the RFF reached out to it. They help projects that were founded online to have physical meetings, because physical meetings trigger a lot of energy. They paid for the first physical OSCEdays BoST meeting. They will not pay for us again but maybe we can find another organization willing to help out here. Travel costs are usually easier for foundations and so on to support than salary.

We could turn this into a project. We set a date for a physical meeting - let’s say for example for next June or July. We all reserve some time for it. And then try to get the funds for the meeting.

Let’s think about this… and continue the planning and discussion HERE.

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thank you for the notes.
So great to hear more ideas.
unfortunately, I couldn’t join the calls because there was no good wifi here. I’ll come back on the 17th and I will be able to join next call. Hi from colourful India!
I hope to involve more youth from the event.

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I have spent considerable time and effort trying to get people interested and involved through my personal channels and networks. The result was rather disappoointing just two of the people I talked to personally and none of those I wrote to seemed to understand the potential of Open Source for building Circular Cities, never mind the current DIF-collaboration.

Let’s see if our invitation to the off-line event creates any more traffic…

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