[BoST Call, March 14, 2016] – General provisional BoST meeting No 9

Meeting of the provisional and open OSCEdays Board of Stewardship (BoST) - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We will meet at 8pm GMT on Skype on March 14, 2016

Do you want to join? Let us know - ping @Lars2i and @sharmarval

What should we discuss? Please add things here (post is a wiki) or as a comment below.

MODERATOR of this call: @cameralibre

##1 Hi
Who is going to document?
How are you? / Do we have new people in the call? Please introduce yourself and tell us how you are today.

##2 Another Time Schedule for BoST Calls?
I was talking to Melanie Tan from Singapore. She is the Lead Sustainable Innovation Unit at Sl2 and well connect in South-East-Asia around Circular Economy questions. I told her about the BoST because we really need to connect it to Asia and she got really exited. Till we learned that the meetings are for her at 4 in the morning. … I think we need to rearrange the times for the meetings somehow. But I don’t really have an idea. Maybe altering. 9am CET / 9pm CET … So we could grab everyone? This would force us into more written exchange - not that bad - and we could also form little sub-groups that connect on important questions upfront and speak than to the rest of the group. …

##3 Outputs and Impact

What do we want to see? How do we make sure we get these? How do we capture the information and how do we communicate it effectively post-June?

Topic about that (or parts of it)

##4 Shall we create a Petition to build our community?
We have been asked by sponsors about concrete actions that we have taken to advance the circular and open source economy. Creating a petition on a platform like Change.org might be a quick and impactful way to spread our message, to show a proof of our efforts and to make our community grow (and our mailing list) to new heights. We can discuss if there is any meaningful cause that should be dealt with and could garner wide support (e.g: like when Kyle Wiens called out John Deere from closing its software, or when Jamie Oliver made a call to a food revolution , we could be calling for the industry to open source their repair manuals by law and whatnot…)

##5. Future list is ready
Here is the first version of the “OSCE Future Wish List”.

##6. Spread The Call for Local Organizers again
The pace of new people signing up for a local event has slowed down. Maybe we should give the Call another push. Ideas/strategies for that?

##7. Grants & Calls Updates

  • Advocate Europe - Do we need to do social media work. Or is this phase over?
  • What terms did we ended up with the EU research consortium?

##8. The Video
We did not prepare a recording of the video. Let’s do it next time. Who will create a topic for it? Who will set up the hangout and make sure, everybody knows about the video.

. . .

##Next Call

Next BoST Call is March 28, 2016

Who is going to be the moderator of the next call and the deputy?

Hello everyone,

I won’t be able to participate in today’s call.
As for the suggestion made regarding the new possible times for the call, I am available in general.

Talk to you soon,

Thank you for changing the timing! See everyone on the 28th of March!

Never too late. Here is the documentation of our last BoST meeting. Sorry for the delay:

2 Another Time Schedule for BoST Calls?

Let’s ask Melanie what would work for her and discuss of another timing that could work when everybody can join

Around noon would be good for those with unflexible schedules.

3 Impacts

What do we want to see? How do we make sure we get these? How do we capture the information and how do we communicate it effectively post-June?

1/ Visual Library of Circular Economy
2/ Ask events to document in an easy way for the global reporting (i.e. easy form to fill) to be done in the next three weeks.
3/ Top 10 List of impactful stories from the OSCE Days

4 Shall we create a Petition to build our community?

The group agreed that it could be an interesting path to work on. We need to make sure that the petitions are constructive rather than confrontational to other entities.

@Lars2i and @Jaime will take care of it and consult the rest of the @bost on petition topics to be validated.

Here are some of the current topics thought of.
-Open Source repair manuals
-If company stops supporting a project it should open source it

Let’s share ideas for petitions here.

7. Grants & Calls Updates

Let’s all vote and share the advocate europe campaign.

Here is the link

8. The Video

First steps, plan video, shoot it and see what people think about it.

-Let’s write down the topic that we would like to see.
-Make one video
-see how successful it was
-Rince and repeat or stop

I am not sure if everything is 100% accurate (it was a long day :stuck_out_tongue: ) so if you see that anything could be corrected, feel free to improve it :slightly_smiling:

Thanks @Jaime

Some comments my side

2, Timing - Noon UK Time could be possible some days - but probably again will be a bit more last minute if will be able to join or not

3. Impacts - Great - will add to the thread/s on this - Could add the link to meeting notes to elements started already - there is a lot of info/ knowledge about impacts out there, particularly charity sector, also link to elements to engage different stakeholders. @sharmarval and I last year looked at putitng objectives together, that then is a great way to understand more the areas that need/ should be measured to ultimately see if supporting - projects and global activities should all link up and strengthen.
I’ve also linked in with the recube guys - will be great to learn/ see how they’re begining to map the impacts from the projects across the world they’re visiting

4. Petition - Hmm, pro’s and cons - this almost seems to be something that should come out of understanding more impacts and barriers - i.e. from last year or as a result of this, we need to make sure we have clear arguments, evidence to support - also it could be there is another organistion or petiion out there in the area that already specialise, points to something useful that we could support. I think what is important it doesn’t become too dominant, we’ve got a lot to build understanding on and need to be careful it doesn’t become the only thing people perceive OSCEdays about. On the other hand can also help to give a clear, simple message, action. Other approaches used in the past could be creating a manifesto or a few call to arms of which one is to do this, sign the petition/ support etc Also who is it directed at? We’re global so this is tricky…

7. Grants - shared :slight_smile: / voted

8. Video - Will catch -up on the focus of this - I’m going to catch up London end with @WoonTan to look at how we can use the footage shot here last year too.