[BoST Call Jan 9, 11 am GMT] - 2017 - General Call #7

Open Conference Call of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

Please confirm your participation @BoST @Frans

Moderator: Silvia
Scribe: Silvia

1 Introduction Round

How is everybody?

Are there new people? Let’s have a quick introduction round.

On the call: Stasia, Lars, Silvia

2 News

2.1 Feedback from DIF on our documentation

Lars has a call with Joe today 10 Jan at 16:30 GMT. Contact Lars if you want to join the call.

2.2 Sponsorship For Events In Canada - update

Check this. (only available to @BoST because of private data). It is about possibilities to get local OSCEdays events in Canada funded. If you are interested in that, please contact us.)

3 Future Projects

3.0 Website Update/Improvement

3.1 Global event 8 - 12 June 2017 - update

Lars: Regarding 3.0 & 3.1 - There is a little bit of money left from DIF. I would like to apply for it and offer to use it to by my time to rebuild the website (in feedback loops with BoST - there have been interesting ideas piling up - to communicate properly the new JUNE date and to set up a proper back up strategy for the whole infrastructure. There is money for almost a whole month full time work left which will be enough for the job.

Please vote on this proposal ASAP. I vote yes.

3.2 Open Ideo model - Gien

3.3 Other project/OSCE New Year Resolutions

Stasia will attend the “Let’s Do It” event in Estonia. Details will be posted under Other Events

4 Pls. Add

Stasia asked that we consider more personalized newsletters and communications to keep our community more engaged throughout the year.

We started talking about new ways to fund OSCE:
1. Ask 2017 participating cities for a small participation fee to offset at minimum our IT costs (hardware and labor)
2. Open up an OSCE online store or find another way to sell products/services made during OSCEdays and thorugh our projects (Lars will explore solutions)

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Would like to add:

  1. Explore holding a visioning exercise to ask "What is our vision for OSCE community in one, two, five years?
  2. Explore how to improve website to optimize global project collaboration
  3. Extend Lars idea of mechanical standardization of parts to general standardization of Open Source Circular (OSC) design so that we can promote the greatest reuse and modularity possible across all sectors
  4. Explore hackathon to expand OSCE platform functionality - should be able to put together a hackathon of Open Source hackers to contribute to design improvements, since we are an open source movement. Increased project collaboration functionality will attract more users to the platform. We could look at integrating Open Project
  5. Explore putting together a designer toolset for OSCE users and participants such as: HEED, Sketchup, [RETScreen Expert] (http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/software-tools/7465) and other specific tools
  6. Explore city-to-city networking calls between OSCE participants to foster greater sense of community at OSCE and build social capital in the community. By so doing, we find out what each other is doing and can identify synergies for global collaboration.
  7. Explore how OSCE can participate in Well Being Economy Festival I am co-organizing in Nov 2017. I plan to invite African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) so it may be a good match to invite OSCE community as well as ACEN community to event and do something together. The conference and festival is about developing an economy based upon Well Being, at every level and every dimension. Hence it is aligned with SRG core values. One of things we want to do is have a network of global events and the focus is how the world can help uplift Africa. One way is by sharing design knowledge. So innovation out of the continent can be shared with African communities. This leverages our idea of cosmo-localization in which innovators working on important design innovations for Africa can share those with the people of Africa.

Hey I will be in Ireland celebrating Christmas with my family on the 26th. It is a family day, so I will not join the call. I will catch up after.


I’ll be on the coast in South Africa without internet access so will have to skipp unless the internet cafe in the nearby village is open and I can find a ride over there.
@Gien I’ll be in Cape Town by new years if you have a bit of time for coffee.

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Have a great Christmas everyone, including Sharon, Lars, Sylvia, and well, everyone! Let’s make 2017 a great year for OSCE Days and OSCE!

Hey @seigorobinson ! Hope you enjoy your visit! Let me know when you are in town so we can hook up and my wife and I will show you around and you can come by and see our property. We just moved into a bachelor suite…almost like a tiny home, on the same block as our new property so we will be able to be onsite pretty easily for the building phase. Send me email.


same over here, next week will be a busy time with all the family around so I most likely will spend very little time online at all.

Have a good festive season everyone!

dear friends from Berlin,
how are you?

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I will change this call for Jan 9th, same time, as it will be difficult to get a quorum. OK?

Happy Holidays everybody with peace, joy, good food and excellent company!


I think that’s a good move! I would agree with it!

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting open source design success story:

that is worth thinking about. How could we import this kind of thinking, ie. combined with crowdsourcing to our platform?


Wishing the BoST a peaceful and restorative holiday
and may our batteries be recharged to unleash our creative energy collectively in the new year!


Thank you, Gien. Happy New Year 2017, the year of Actions for OSCE.

Enjoy your holidays in a very circular way, high on being with other people low on having more stuff.

i. have a happy new year and see you soon

Lars said he was having problems getting into the forum so I am writing a test message to see if I can post anything.
Can anyone see this?

Yes, Gien, the forum access was restored.

Hi all, I moved & my new house has no internet yet. I am at a cafe right now running on the battery of my old laptop. The battery will certainly not make it through the call so I will drop out early.

This means: Silvia, can you initiate the call? So when I drop out the call does not drop.

You can find Silvias Skype ID in the BoST Finance chat.

@jose.urra86 I can’t find your Skype ID at the moment Jose. Pls. message me on Skype.

Hi guys, sorry I can’t join this day time call today. I will give an update about Patreon (as per last call) on the forum later today.

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On DIF: I have a feedback call with Joe tomorrow (Tuesday) from 16:30 GMT - 17:00 GMT. Anyone wants to join it?


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@Lars I am traveling in Indonesia atm and there is another time zone 7 hours ahead of Germany, and I don’t have internet all the time… When you have the call it will be night time here and I will already be sleeping :confused:

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