[BoST CALL, February 29, 2016] – General provisional BoST meeting No 8

Meeting of the provisional and open OSCEdays Board of Stewardship (BoST) - See full list of BoST meetings here.

We will meet at 8pm GMT on Skype on February 29, 2016

Do you want to join? Let us know - ping @Lars2i and @sharmarval

What should we discuss? Please add things here (post is a wiki) or as a comment below.

MODERATOR of this call: @TechnicalNature

##1 Hi (10min)
Who is going to document?
How are you? / Do we have new people in the call? Please introduce yourself and tell us how you are today.


##2 Video to explain OSCEdays 2016 (5 / 30min)
Start a Google Hangout after the meeting or schedule it for later to record a short video clip introducing OSCE and what is new in 2016. Should we do it?

##3 Communications: Tracking Talks we Do (5min)
I (me: @sharmarval) was recently invited to give a talk at the Maker Assembly event in Belfast. I can’t go, but I’m also giving a lecture at Nottingham Trent University in the UK next week and it made me wonder if we track the talks where we mention OSCE Days. Is this something we do? If not, maybe we should as it could be useful information to show our reach to sponsors?

  • Lars: Erica started to post talks into the PRESS Collection – I guess we could collect both things in one place.
  • There is now a Folder in the OwnCloud Design Folder calles “Slides & Illustrations” where you can upload presentations you have used for others to build upon.

##4 Join A EU Research Grant Proposal (5min)
We are invited to join a cluster of research facilities and universities applying for a research grant. Partner info shared in the internal chat category (Internal because of sensitive Partner data.)

##4a Advocate Europe Grant (5 mins)
I’ve drafted the Advocate Europe grant. Just have a few clarifications about it and there is a voting system where you can win a community award, separate to the overall grant.

##5 Mentorship program development started (10min)
We started to develop the mentorship program.

  • Do you have ideas for cool mentors to approach? Please post there names in the comment section of the ONBOARDING MENTORS - Topic.

  • It is not really sure if we should start the mentorship program given the limited resources we have at the moment. Could someone imagine joining that team - do a view onboarding calls with mentors?


##6 OSCEdays as part of GreenFest in October 2016 in Portugal (10min)
There is the possibility to make OSCEdays a part of the huge GreenFest in Portugal 2016. What do we think? Read more about it (and discuss also) here.

How can we get involved with them? How to communicate the Partnership?

##7 Continuity: maintaining momentum post-June (10min)
Now that the association is founded it’s good to consider what happens after June to capture as much value as possible from the Days.

  • Lars: We will have the election then + evtl. preparation of GreenFest. But what else can we do?


##9 Info: New member to tech team (3min)
I asked @Jan_D (a member of the association) if he could imagine to help here and then with the tech-infrastructure. He would need credentials then. Jan is very reliable - he founded an ran a hackspace in Weimar for several years and is an active member of the Mozilla Community for example.

##8 Quick Info: Tagging on the forum (3min)
Hi, as many of us have admin rights in the forum - with the admin rights comes to possibility to add new tags to the system. Last year we said, that we want to have only a very limited number of tags so they are useful to find stuff. And if the tag cloud is too big noone uses it for search. So be wise with your powers and only add new tags that really make sense. Every tag less is a win.

##9 OwnCloud Public Folders? (5min)
How does the OwnCloud works for people. Can we make the Design-Folder public - so everyone can download stuff without Log-In or so? UPDATE: Sam answered the question today

##10 General Questions about the workflow here in the forum? (10min)

We develop this workflow here in the public forum and there is now also a Blogpost planned about that. Are there any questions about that? Things we need to improve.


##11 . . .


##Next Call

Next BoST Call is March 14 2016

Who is going to be the moderator of the next call and the deputy

Quick suggestion (Lars): I think in the first round where everyone gives brief updates or we have an introduction round the moderator needs to say who is on next. Usually in a physical meeting it is all kinds of non-verbal communication that makes the group know who is on next - or you simply go in the circle. But this is missing in a group call without video – that is the reason we have this strange pauses, we are all too polite :wink:

Next BoST Call is March 14 2016

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@sharmarval – Hey, I think that is excellent thinking! :dancer:

I think the best possibility for that would be a Topic like the PRESS collection Topic in “Communication” - There we can also afterwards provide the links to our slideshows – provide resources to the community to make their own talks.

Could you create that topic? I will fill in the talks I gave recently.

Plus: Was there a chance to send someone else to Belfast? Everytime I get invited and can’t make it I tried to find someone to replace me. We are 10 BoST members. Everyone can give a talk I guess.

Hey @Lars2i I suggested that someone else goes from OSCE so she might get in touch.

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Video to explain OSCEdays 2016

  • @Silvia will start a wiki in the forum to better plan the purpose of the video

  • Everyone contribute your ideas on what the purpose of such videos could be

Communications: Tracking Talks we Do (5min)

  • Continue to document them in the PRESS thread
  • Everyone to add their talks
  • @cameralibre will create a topic about slideshare / slides
  • @TechnicalNature will open a topic to document talks in a new communications thread

Join A EU Research Grant Proposal

  • Agree to submit it
  • @sharmarval will follow up and speak to Ursula over Skype
  • This is the Circ-04 call, which is the main EU call that is open at the moment. As far as I am aware only one project will be funded for the Research & Innovation Action and most interested stakeholders will be submitting.

Advocate Europe Grant

  • @cameralibre will review tomorrow and then can upload to platformShare within the community for some votes (but not too widely as not worth the effort)
  • Europe-centric funding calls coming through: keeping an eye on more international funding streams

Mentorship program development started

  • @Lars2i tested the mentorship approach on the forum with four people and thinks it’s a good approach
  • @Gien suggested to limit the numbers of mentors to ensure we don’t become overloaded. Good idea!
  • Make a list of mentors under the onboarding mentors topic in the forum (including the email addresses if possible/available)

OSCEdays as part of GreenFest in October 2016 in Portugal

  • They want to have a OSCE dedicated zone
  • Have some resources to support the event and looking for input on how to organise this event
  • Good option to test out having an event other than JuneUse
    this event to prepare for going there in October: Lars thought about
    using tickets as prize? Could be a way to incentivize higher fidelity
    solutions, but don’t want competitiveness aspect.
  • We can promote their event during the Days June and they provide a space for OSCE at the festival
  • @Johnny_Kerkhof suggested to re-emphasise the value of the forum (all agree good approach)
  • @Lars2i will come up with a way to include the Green Fest in the website

Continuity: maintaining momentum post-June

  • One-off event feel: how can we improve on the method we are using continuously?
  • Improving communications (post-event eg POC21 had @cameralibre make their video)
    and documentation (easier access and clearer instructions)
  • Reflecting on the outcomes of the previous years
  • Review post-June event (Autumn 2016)
  • Pick-up conversation from Berlin meeting late 2015
  • Membership meeting: Eight-week online discussion prior to voting
  • Little but often activity (all agreed)
  • BosT Topic for future OSCE activities planning in the forum @JuliaP

Quick Info:

Tagging on the forum

  • Don’t create new tags

Owncloud Folder

  • Double-check security of Owncloud (Sam)

Forum usability

  • Send bug reports when you see an issue (all)



  • Erica has been in touch with Aberdeen
  • Fab City follow up (Sharon)


  • Share resources on the forum (not email when possible)

Please add anything I have forgotten @BoST.

Next call March 14th. @cameralibre will be moderator.

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