'ACTIONS' Management Team – Help & Moderation for the Use & Development of ACTION Protocols

Here is where we communicate about ACTIONS - We monitor if the concept is understood, develop it further if necessary and assist people in adding new ACTIONS to the list or using them.

It is a role taken from the BoST To-Do-List

Work currently done by: @Silvia @Lars2i @jose.urra86

Questions or Comments? Please post it below.

Maike started to write something like an ACTION on Food Policy Papers – but it did not really fit what I thought is an ACTION.

I wrote her a longer post trying to explain what we (or I) intended an ACTION protocol to be. Let’s see.

But we should take this as a first warning sign that the ACTION concept might not be clear enough.

UPDATE: I met her (we are both in Berlin) and we talked a bit about it. I am allowed to add some Meta-Remarks to her topic – basically saying that they test a raw concept of an ACTION protocol here with a practical example and distill later what worked into a general ACTION protocol. Will do it later today or tomorrow.

I suggest that the team (and others) should feel free to change my draft of the ACTION Protocol in order to show how it would look like when it’s the way it was intended. I think that way you can demonstrate more clearly the difference between the amorphic experimental process I’m documenting here and the protocol we want to develop. It can also show the beauty of collaborative writing as I’m sure the proto-protocol will improve a lot once it has more than one author.

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@transitionmaike – Did it. Hope it works for you.

@ ACTIONS-Team: I rewrote the META ACTION Protocol on Writing ACTION Protocols. I think it is much clearer now. Feedback welcome.