Difference between Action Protocol & Challenge?

This is a small side discussion on the FOOD POLICY PAPER project started by @transitionmica. It is about feedback and developing the OSCEdays collaboration model around ACTIONS.

Hi Maike,

it is great work that you are doing. But I am not sure if it is an ACTION in the way I intended ACTIONS to be when I proposed the concept. Maybe my whole ACTION concept is not working and that you started your project different than intended is first proof of it. But since you are the first person ever giving it a try – I try to ‘fix’ instead of throwing the concept away right away. Let’s improve the concept then together.

Have you read the META – ACTION about what is an ACTION protocol in depth? It says:

“An ACTION is like a board game – for example chess. Everyone in the world can play it if the rules are known. But each game will look a bit different depending on the players and location. But they all follow the same basic rules.”

Your project is like a mix. It is not only writing down general rules for everyone to follow –it is at the same time writing down a specific game. It is like B before A (or mixing A with B). Usually first step would be to write down the clean ACTION Protocol “How to write a policy paper for your region”. And then take this, create a new topic and follow the steps yourself: “Write a policy paper for Berlin”. Like:


##ACTION – Write A Circular FOOD POLICY PAPER For Your City/Country & Use It For Lobby Work

This ACTION is about writing a food policy paper for your city/country to use for lobby work. It shares a STEP by STEP procedure how you can gather collaborators in your city, write down a paper and use it for lobby work. The ACTION contains also links, text examples and other resources you can use to write an Food Policy Paper.

Why is the issue of food important for a circular economy and what was achieved so far in other parts of the world? ….


###STEP 1 – Collect Information About Your City …
… Look for information about what was already done …. Share it …

###STEP 2 – Gather People
Find people that might be interested in helping you with the paper … you might find them by searching for …

###STEP 3 – …


Once such a general ACTION is finished – you use and follow the steps your own. And set up the topic:

‘[FOOD POLICY PAPER] – We Write A Food Policy Paper For BERLIN & Use It For Lobby Work’

But maybe you are on the road to develop the general ACTION by experimenting the steps on a practical example first? If this is the case maybe you could add a remark like this on top?

This is an experiment with the goal to create an ACTION about creating food policy papers and use it for lobby work. We run some experiments in Berlin with a practical example and will condense what we learned later into a general ACTION.

The second thing your project could be is an INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE. There is already the ACTION of setting up an individual challenge. This is for projects that don’t make sense to be repeated everywhere but are just one specific case for one specific problem in one specific area – still well documented – so others can look at it and learn from it and implement something similar in their city. But they will not expect a clear Step by Step Guide they can follow right away.

If it is more like this you would name your topic.

‘[CHALLENGE] – Develop A Food Policy Paper For Berlin’

Not sure, what do you think. This was the way I intended. Maybe it should be different/is not working – because to complex?

It’s true that the task of wiriting down such a ‘soft’ thing as a wiritng process into a protcol is quite a challenge in itself. I posted it to get help and feedback, but I think it’s worth giving it a try. We know that Open Source works for software and and hardware. Now we need to experiment on such things as methods, processes… so while I’m working on this process we can experiment with how this can be turned into an ACTION Protocol.

Don’t give up because it doesn’t look right stright away. Just make the general ACTION a wiki and play with it while I do the test run. That way we can adapt the ACTION protocol as we go along to reflect what the process actually looks like, and where we should have taken steps in a different order.

Meanwhile I practise documenting what I’m doing while it’s happening and try to find an Open Source format for it. That’s a first for me, publishing my very first draft and all the meetings I have…