Welcome to the OSCEdays Community!

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Welcome to the OSCEdays Community!

This is our community platform for discussion and collaboration. To avoid duplicate posts, please use the forum search or browse related tags before posting.

OSCEdays is a diverse and distributed project - when you ask a question, it may be answered by anyone in the community. You can ping other users (@username) if a topic needs a specific person’s attention. And if you see a question that you know the answer to, please jump in and help out!

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We would like to build this project together, out in the open, to make it easier for newcomers to get on board, to reduce redundant communication, and to ensure that conversations and ideas don’t get lost at the bottom of an inbox.

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My name is Jeddlee Stephen Kinnii, Executive Director/founder for Foundation for Educational Loan Services (FELS) and founder for African Network for Peace and Development and new established organization with the vision of uniting all Africans in the Diasporas for peace and development in Africa. I want to celebrate the OSCEdays in my country, Liberia. You can reach me through my email: stephenjade.fels@gmail.com.