Playground: try out the forum!

This thread’s purpose is merely for you to practise using the forum, so don’t ask anything important here!
Please feel free to add tags, images, style and format your text, add links etc, so you can see what the forum can do.
This is a place for gobbledygook, quatsch and nonsense. A written exquisite corpse or Dada poem. Enjoy!

Do Wikipedia links expand?

apparently not. that’s lucky, that is one disgusting toad.

hang on, maybe they do expand?

Learning How To Post On Forums

Using forums to talk with and learn from others is new and strange to me. I am not sure how to start a topic. And what is the difference between a blog category and a blog tag? Hey, I found a good explanation here. I am also a little baffled by how to add tags to my post. I think I understand. Words used in this post like “blog tag”, “blog category” and “how to start a topic” can be used as tags.