Website optimisation

The website could be optimised. Is there a way to contribute to it?

  1. Loading mixed (insecure) display content “” on a secure page[Learn More]

  2. This forum could/should be served with https :smile:

  3. Optimize images on website

I already run some optimization (on desktop from 63% to 72%), but you still can optimize images, here are more infos:

Let me know if I can help!


Hi, thanks.

Will replace the CC-BY-SA Image today and correct some of the forum links with https

What kind of way do you have in mind to contribute? Maybe access to the backend?

and I think it should be time to move discourse to @pierreozoux server!

@unteem I’d prefer to wait with this a while longer. When the association is ready we need to hand over everything to this formal body anyway. And than we can reconsider where the stuff should be located.

What is the status for this forum with https?
I can move it to my servers, it is a fast procedure for me, and doesn’t imply much downtime.

Let me know!