[MEETING, February 16] - FOUNDING Meeting OSCE e.V. in Berlin | Gründungsversammlung des OSCE e.V

#Founding Meeting OSCE e.V.

###Tuesday 16.02.2016 – 19:00, Agora (Mittelweg 50) - Top Floor | +4917621865009

Hey Berliners and OSCEdays people in Berlin,

As many of you already know, we are going to found a Verein (association) for the global OSCEdays. This association will be legally incorporated in germany. So we will found it here in a physical meeting before international members can join online. Everything was set up for this in the past month.

OSCE eV Satzung:Statutes 1.0.pdf (53.1 KB)

Beitragsordnung OSCE eV.pdf (28.0 KB)

and a Vorstand was found as well (Janosch Dietrich @djcoco )

Next step to do is the official founding meeting. We will meet @Agora top floor with some snacks and drinks. It would be great if you join the meeting and become founding members of this global organisation.

AGENDA (Gründungsprotokoll)

Gründungsprotokoll OSCE e.V.pdf (41.6 KB)

See you on:

###Feb 16, 2016, 19:00 (7pm) at Agora

ping @BoST


I can come on the 16th, but not on the 24th.

ok, this rules the 24th out. As you need to be there to be elected in the provisional Board of Stewardship.

Hi guys! I look forward to join the founding meeting on the 16th Feb! - We would like to combine it with a focussed Circular Textile Meeting, what do you think how long will the founding take or is it better to meet another day to work on preparation and content? Cheers! Ina

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@Ina Hi, cool :slight_smile: .

I guess the founding meeting will take at least an hour. Probably a bit more. - Because we have to read the statutes etc. Maybe it is not the best idea to combine the two meetings this time.

Alright, sounds reasonable, thanks Lars!